My Exclusivity Clause…

Hey Ms. Beauty, Brains, and Killer Sense of Humor,

I have the best gig in the world… 

Last night  I got off our coaching call higher than a freakin kite, which lasted  hours until I finally fell asleep. I love what I do… I am a romance junkie who literally thrives off of women having what they want with men.

My favorite part is listening to the gals I work with share how quickly their world is changing, how men are responding to them, and the positive attention they are receiving… I totally geek out over their successes.

And to think all of this started because I took a chance on myself by learning how to date, not the way our society thinks we women should, but as a process of self discovery and adventure. 

In fact when I first started this gig, I tried to help any woman who said she wanted help. 

That’s not the case anymore. These days I choose to work with a much more specific type of woman.

These days I am working with strong career oriented kick ass SINGLE ONLY women who are ready to give up what’s not working for them and go on dating adventures of a lifetime.

Why… because these are the women I can take the highest. There is a specific willingness that comes with this woman. Unlike her married or in a relationship counterpart, she doesn’t have the comfortability of a man in her life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my gals in relationships and marriages… They are charming, witty, and a hella lot of fun to be around. But too often because of their relationship status their man becomes the excuse for why they can’t soar.

Which means my single gals exclusively have my attention. 

Have you seen her?


  • She is creative, career-minded, & thinks big.
  • She wants it all, career, success, & to be epically adored & romanced.
  • She wants a man or men in her life. She craves passion with men.


  • She doesn’t settle for the status quo.
  • She knows that deep down inside her is the ability to have everything she wants romantically.
  •  She is open to a different reality.
  • Her energies have been primarily masculine but she has a longing to connect more frequently to her femininity.
  • She is accepting & non judgmental of others.


  • She’s a mold breaker & is seeking to continually write her own story.
  • Not just because it’s more fun, but in her mind romantic conformity makes no sense.
  • She takes what I give her & makes it her own.


  • She loves to be challenged & craves discipline
  • She also loves to challenge her creativity
  • She knows when she is held accountable she succeeds.
  • She no longer settles for mediocrity

If you know this lovely lady (or if it’s you) then let her know that I’ve got everything she needs to stop settling for romantic scraps of a man’s attention, and get busy creating her personal romantic adventures by dating men on her terms.

Start here with your Free ‘Ignored to Adored’ 1:1





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Here’s a sneak peak into The Courage Kit class that is going on right now. Next class starts May 13th! CLICK HERE


The Courage Kit is so much more than I expected. Jenn Burton’s course materials, audios, and group coaching calls are helping to build a foundation in my life that I do not know that I would have found anywhere else. It is amazing how the tools and techniques of this course are activating a part of me that I lost somewhere or either never had!

Along with the emotional support and friendship that is taking place with my class mates, I feel so loved and this is a safe place where I can be me. It motivates me daily and I will definitaly refer back to all my lessons and advice from TCK for a long time – Until it is second nature to me! I am having a great time ! ♥

The BEST part of the course so far?? I love how Jenn challenges me daily and give continuous feedback! I can’t wait to go out this weekend and use some of the tools I have been learning!!! 




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