listen up ! your love life will thank me later

Save all that heartache – and just go straight to the Happy Ever After !

“Mind-Blowing, Liberating, Super-Fun”

I signed up for The Courage Kit because I was intrigued when I saw Jenn’s advert. It sounded soooooo – WILD ! How to have the dating/romantic adventure of my dreams ! I had kinda given up on this idea – that I had to just settle for what came along.

For me especially – I really attract the kind of man that ends up IGNORING me on so many levels. Jenn’s tagline – GO FROM IGNORED TO ADORED really got my attention, so I requested a Skype call with her.

Immediately, I knew I would love this course. Jenn is warm, lovely, inviting and extremely insightful. She is a fantastic coach. She can be tough and straight-talking – challenging – but also I know she’s got my back and wants the best for me. Her insight into me was fabulous – she knows that inside me is a gorgeous woman who deserves to be adored – and she kept coaxing that side of me out – away from all the low expectations and confusing experiences.

I can honestly say now – I have a handle on it. I am attracting SO MUCH more attention from men, I have kicked my old relationship pattern out the back door, and know the SIGNS AND CLUES of how to really draw a man to me. Really amazing. A mind-blowing experience – one which I will always thank Jenn for – especially as she has shown me how to REVIVE my romantic dreams, not bury them.

Through TCK I finally found the courage to let go of a lover who was treating me really badly – but in a powerful, self-affirming way, without looking back. I am drawing a lot of new men into my life. I can really see the good in men now, see that they want to adore and love me. I see a lot of respect in men’s eyes when they look at me, as well as admiration and attraction! I can see the gift of men, and I know how to shine the gift of who I am too

I am definitely open to a wider range of experience with men now than ever before. My mind is not closed (as it was before). I have let go off my old defenses and behaviors and have stepped into a new, powerful, exciting phase. I have really evolved in a massive way – past my old outworn behaviors into a new space. I can’t believe I have never properly thought about these things before – Jenn shines the spotlight of consciousness into the dark areas of our female souls – and teases out our answers, setting us free.

Being CONSCIOUS for once about how to treat men, how to speak to them, how to show them how to treat you etc – it’s been like learning a new language – one I wish I’d known years ago! There is a lovely art to being a woman, which is what Jenn teaches – and definitely a special art to being an Adored Woman.

Jenn has brought her out being in hiding and has shown me how to allow her to flourish and shine and play in a world of men who want to adore her too. 

Jenn’s field research always had me in stitches – I love how this is about putting it INTO ACTION, not just writing notes in a notebook. She is very mischievous but ultimately so knowing. She knows what we need to do, and gets us out there DOING IT

I was also particularly grateful to Jenn for helping me get past the old lover – she really taught me why/how this was not working – got past my confusion – and opened a new door for me to access new experiences.

I have to say Jenn was my favourite part of the program 🙂 

Even though this was about dating, it was also about me. I see that I was using men as a way to get validation as I was not properly giving that to myself. Jenn totally encourages us to celebrate and validate ourselves – and in that lies the real power of being an Adored Woman.

I really appreciated that Jenn has taken the time to do her research and look into this topic – her clarity was astounding. I am a smart woman but when it came to men my brains would get scrambled. Jenn has unscrambled me – and given me new eyes to look at the dating landscape. 

There is an interplay between men and women that I was not participating in in a proper way – I was giving and getting the wrong signals. Now I know how to speak to a man properly – using my eyes, my voice, my intention, my playfulness, my intelligence – in a much more appealing way… a way where he will REALLY notice me and freely give of his love and devotion as a result.

I honestly think every woman should do herself a favour and do this course. Save all that heartache – and just go straight to the Happy Ever After ! 
Shilpa M., Writer/Broadcaster