listen up ! your love life will thank me later

Breakup SOS


Okay, we’ve all been there… well most of us have. Left absolutely devastated and broken hearted. Mine happened in Mexico, his name was Saul. And yes I spent an entire month in bed because of him.

I’m not exaggerating.

Breakups suck no matter how you spin them. Remember the morning after, that completely empty feeling you wake up with?

Where you feel like your stomach is in your chest, and life no longer has any sweetness to it. Lots of us stay in miserable relationships just to avoid the morning after.

But there is help… and since I don’t do anything without its own personal element of fun, I brought you a breakup expert. Not just any breakup expert. I got you the best, so good she’s gonna take you from breakup to bombshell in record time. Even if you aren’t in a breakup, you need to know her. For the sake of your girlfriends of course.

Press play and enjoy.




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