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Things Single Women Say That Make Me Wanna Yell Part 3… Game Playing Men

Are you tired of game playing men? Well single lady it’s time you learned the truth.

#FairyDustTV Video Transcript:

Hello Lovergirl and welcome to Part 3 of Things Single Women Say That Make Me Wanna Yell… “Snap out of it!!”

This episode has got me all fired up. We are talking about the countless times women have told me:

“But Jenn, I’m so tired of the games that men play.”

So let’s get down to the bottom of this. Most of the time when a woman says this it’s because she has violated one of her own personal boundaries while dating, and usually it’s a sexual boundary. First thing’s first: the majority of men are not playing games with you.

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Now there are some, but we’ll get to those guys in just a minute. What I need you to know is that yes, men without a doubt, want to have sex with you. It’s a natural response to your beauty. Period.

But the problem is is that most women are not honoring their own personal sexual boundaries, and when you don’t honor your own personal sexual boundaries then the energy between you and men gets very convoluted, and many times you’ll end up pushing him away.

The good news is this is a very simple fix. In fact it’s only two steps.

Number One: In order to be an Adored Woman you must honor your own personal sexual timeframe.

But how do you know exactly what your sexual timeframe is? Well you have to look at what has not worked for you in the past. If you leave every sexual encounter feeling needy, clingy, mentally unstable, then you’re having sex before you’re ready.

I wanna be very clear that every woman’s sexual timeframe is different, and I also want you to know that if any part of you feels like you’re going to use him if you don’t put out soon well then that’s a telltale sign that you’re not ready to have sex with him because let me tell you real men don’t mind waiting for you to be ready, and those who do mind really don’t matter.

Number Two: Always, and I do mean always, use a condom when engaging in sex outside of exclusivity.

I don’t care if he hasn’t had sex in twenty five years.

I also don’t care if he’s had a vasectomy.

And I really, really don’t care if you guys had sex years ago and you’re having sex again, because I promise you it does not mean that he likes you more or trusts you more because he is willing to have sex with you outside of exclusivity without a condom. It does mean that he enjoys having sex without condoms period. So do yourself a favor and protect yourself physically and emotionally during sex.

Finally, I have included a link where you can see how game-playing guys truly operate. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT REAL GAME PLAYING MEN

Why? Because I want you to understand that as an adored woman you are no longer unsuspecting and men like this don’t stand a chance with you. So remember yes, men want to have sex with you, but if you stick to your own sexual boundaries, invite him along on your adventures then you’re gonna set yourself up differently in his mind.

Thank you Lovergirl for joining me today. See you in the next episode



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