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Prove Yourself Wrong

Hey there, Ur Hotness!

If you’ve been hanging around my Facebook page lately, you might have noticed this quote a few days ago:

Pretty saucy words from Ayn Rand, dontcha think?

It certainly packs a punch. But how do we make sure that we’re really applying this remark to our lives, as women worthy of being adored?

Think about the things that you want–things you want to have, to do, or to be. Are you using other people in your life as excuses for why you don’t own, haven’t done, or aren’t these things? Do you consider them to be obstacles that are “keeping you” from getting what you want?

Guess what. They’re not. They’re not obstacles, and they’re not keeping you from getting what you want. This is an easy, guilt-free way to make ourselves feel okay about not having, doing, or being the things we want. When the blame’s on someone or something else, we think it makes it okay, because then, it’s not our fault. It’s a way to avoid failure, because we don’t even have to try–other people just won’t let us be happy!

The same excuses can be applied to our romantic adventures–or lack thereof, if we’re trying to use other people as obstacles. Truthfully, though? There’s only one real, concrete obstacle standing in our way... and that’s ourselves. It’s hard to hear, but we’ve got to face it: we’re the only ones keeping us from reaching our full potential, because of inaccurate beliefs we hold about ourselves. These beliefs hold us back and result in inaction–and that keeps us from achieving what we want in life, or from having the yummiest dating adventures, or from doing what makes us happiest.

I think it’s time we all changed our view. No one is holding you back or keeping you from what you want except yourself. And guess what? It’s time to stop being our own obstacles! The question is no longer, “Who’s going to let me?” The new question we need to start asking ourselves is, “Who’s going to stop me?” And if you think you have an answer to that, make it a challenge to prove them wrong–even if it’s yourself.

Are you ready to prove yourself wrong? Let me know in the comments about an excuse you’ve been using to keep yourself from having the fantastic things or lifestyle you deserve. And now that you’re aware of what your excuse was, how will you prove yourself wrong?


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