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The Sexiest Men In History


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So, when you think about your high school History classes on the subject of the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers, what is your reaction?  Do you think about a bunch of names and dates you had to remember?  Do you see a bunch of pictures of men with white powdered wigs and short pant-suits that ended at their knees?  Or do you see the backside of your eyelids because you were so bored you fell asleep in class??

Well, I had the pleasure of interviewing someone who can give you a whole ‘nuther view of those men that we study in school.  I spoke with Christina Frei, author of 5 Rockstars of the American Revolution: Surprising Stories and Big Life Lessons from the Founding Fathers, who had some really juicy details to share about these legendary men and their love lives.  And who doesn’t love juicy gossip about famous people, I ask you!

Christina is an amazing speaker and author for students and young people, and her mission is to connect them to the true leaders of our past so that they can be inspired and become true leaders themselves.  But, she also knows about the men behind these legends and the stories of their romances, their crushes, and their abilities with the ladies.  And I want you to hear and enjoy them as much as I did. ; )

Do you know who was the most magnetic ladies’ man among the Founding Fathers?  (You probably left his picture on a restaurant table as a tip recently.
Does Benjamin Franklin deserve his reputation as a ‘Dirty Old Man’?
And just which Founding Fathers would be the most likely to subscribe to GQ magazine?
Who would be on the cover of People magazine’s ‘Sexiest Men of the American Revolution’ issue?
And who would get the “Most Romantic Couple” award?

Christina has all the dirt and dished some out for us, so get ready for some juicy gossip and click ‘play’.

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You can contact Christina at, or get a Kindle edition of her amazing book 5 Rockstars of the American Revolution on

Soooo, tell me Lovergirl, if you had a time machine, which powerful, gorgeous, sexy man in world history would you go visit?  Let me know in the comments…


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