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5 Reasons You Haven’t Found Your Dream Man

Hey Lovergirl

If you are like most of the women I know, you have hidden in your heart images of your dream man. The Prince Charming who will sweep you off your feet, thrill you to the core, and make all of your dreams come true. You’ve been thinking about him since you were a little girl, and between the fairy tales and the movies and the romance novels, you know that there is one perfect man out there to set your heart on fire.

And you just don’t understand why you haven’t met him yet.

Could you be falling victim to one of these five problems?

1) You think there is only one dream man.
This myth makes for a good movie plot, but in reality, if only one man in a million could be your dream man, then there are over 3,400 men in the world who could be him! So, is it that you haven’t met him yet, or that you were clinging so tightly to an image that you walked right by him? If you learn to let go of the false images and limiting beliefs that keep you blinded to the men around you, that dream man may be much closer than you ever believed.

2) You don’t know how to speak ‘Male’.
Have you ever had a conversation with a guy and realized that, although the words all sounded like English, you were NOT communicating at all? I hear that not only from women, but from men as well. How can you build a sizzling romantic relationship with someone who can’t understand you? But if you learn to speak so that a man can listen, and even more, understand what he is saying to you, then you have the ability to build the romance you want with the man you fancy.

3) You’re waiting for Prince Charming.
Look, we all know that worked for Rapunzel, but really, how is Mr. Perfect going to find you when your life consists of work, home, and the grocery store? You need to change up your life, because if he was in any of those places, you would have found him by now, wouldn’t you? Shake up your routine by adding some fun, and see how your joy attracts his attention. (And you don’t want to be Rapunzel anyway – she only had one dress and NO shoes!)

4) You and your friends Don’t Actually Like Men.
Let’s be frank here. Yes, you want your dream man, but you get together with your girlfriends and talk about how men are dogs and men are players and men aren’t trustworthy… and you wonder why guys don’t want to go out with you? Even if there are no men around when you are talking, that attitude hangs around you like a fog, scaring men off. Change your beliefs to love men for the amazing creatures they are, and you’ll see how much more receptive they become.

5) You See Yourself as a Permanent wallflower.
In reality, you really don’t particularly like yourself. Your job sucks, your life is boring, your wardrobe is sloppy, and you didn’t even get a date to the prom. You see yourself as Cinderella sitting in the ashes waiting for a fairy godmother to find something interesting about you.

Well, Hello sister – your fairy godmother is right inside you. Instead of looking at what you lack, start looking at where you shine. Yes, you do shine, and once you see that, you can show him and grab his attention.

So, did any of this sting a little?
Did you feel any twinges of ‘oh, that may be it’?
If so, you are probably saying to me (and if you are like me, it’s out loud shouting at this e-mail) “Jenn, ok, I get it, but how do I change that??”

Yes, my lovely, I can help you with that – whichever one (or ones) you are dealing with. I’ve worked with women from all over the world facing all of these problems, and more, and helped them create amazing romantic lives, filled with exciting dating adventures – yes even marriage!

If your dating life is going no where, and you are stuck on the romantic sidelines feeling clueless about men… then it’s time to change your strategy.


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