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Where The Single Men Always Roam During The Holiday Season

Hola Lovergirl,

What a whirlwind week this has been, catching up on the romantic adventures of lovely ladies in the final round of my program The Courage Kit. Also, lots of you know about the craziness of this past summer for me. So to treat myself, I took a much deserved adventure with my hot, hot man and my gorgeous daughter to the beautiful island of Cozumel, Mexico for the Thanksgiving Holidays.

We had a blast: dolphins, good friends, great food, and lots of firsts for my daughter. Her first airplane ride, first time out of the country, and first time meeting some of my very best friends in the world. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have had the opportunity for this adventure this year, and OHHH – this week was also the 7th year anniversary of the very first date I ever went on with my man. (BTW, I made my sister go out with me on this date. I called it tag team dating, lol)

Now since I met my man during the holiday season, I know firsthand that you don’t have to succumb to the ‘single holiday blues’. Or, maybe you are one of so many strong single women who put on their brave face during the holidays & resign themselves to just making it through without drowning in overwhelming romantic loneliness. And that, Lovergirl, brings me to a brand new installment of Fairy Dust Friday.

Today I, Jenn Burton, Romantic Fairy Godmother for Strong Successful Single Women, am going to share with you my top 3 picks for meeting your Prince Charming(s) this holiday season.

Now no one can promise you that you & said Prince Charming will be engaged by Christmas Eve, but I do know from not only firsthand experience, but also that of my clients, that meeting awesome, fun, witty, stable, attractive men during the holidays will do a number on those icky single-holiday-blues.

Since, as you know, this season can come with a lot of chaotic craziness: out of town trips, family gatherings etc, and most of which is family centric; it would seem quite difficult meet said Prince Charming… Never fear Lovergirl, your Romantic Fairy Godmother has 3 top tier options for making it simple.

1. Viva La Fiesta De X-mas

Yep, my love, if you have been invited to the ball you should absolutely go. Single men love a great Christmas Party, too. Just be a bit careful with your alcohol intake, as things tend to heat up under the mistletoe with the eggnog in sight. Make sure your actions are congruent with you as an Adored Woman and not just the drunken “Oh hell I don’t care what happens” version of you. Have a blast, meet great men, but never at the expense of your romantic boundaries.

2. Blind Date/ Set-Up

Woah there Lovergirl – before you dismiss this as a bad idea, let me give you some insider tips that make this an awesome option. The truth is that this is just like finding your dream position. Well-connected people have a considerable advantage, so why not use this age old business concept to your romantic advantage?

All you have to do is let your friends know that you don’t mind meeting any single male friends that might be a good fit for you. Tell them a little bit about what you are looking for in man, and that under no circumstances would you hold it against them if it isn’t your Prince Charming.

3. Where The Single Men Always Roam During The Holiday Season

My top pick for meeting single men during this time of the year is hands down online dating. Why? Simple because these men have raised their hand to say ‘Hey, I’d like to date too.’

AND there are soooo many to choose from! (Excellent for creating your Mantourage)

AND regardless if he is at home with his family, on vacation, or working overtime, there is one thing men always have on them: their phone. (All major online dating sites have a smartphone app.) Which means you two have a considerable higher chance of making a special connection this holiday season no matter how hectic your schedule is.

Oh, AND 1 in 4 relationships start with an online connection.

But I must warn you about the biggest online dating peril… If you have a boring profile, and outdated or just ehh pics, you will attract the wrong men for you. In fact, don’t be surprised if you have weirdos contacting you. Bland profiles are bait for weirdos because weirdos look at your profile and decide whether or not your self esteem is low enough to pay attention to him.

Bland Profile = Low Self Esteem

Also it is absolutely important to prepare your profile and pictures to LAUNCH instead of just putting some facts up quickly about yourself. Why? Because you will get your highest number of profile views when you first set up. So it behooves you to put it together offline first.

Remember Lovergirl, online dating is my favorite choice for finding men during the holidays, and there are 1000s of single men in your area to meet. But remember that there are also thousands of women as well, which means it is your romantic duty to stand out to the hotties that will interest you.

Give yourself an incredible advantage over these women with an awesome online profile presence. If you want to learn how to create an irresistible profile with eye catching photos and date like an Adored Woman today, then check out my program E-rresistibility, An Adored Woman’s Guide To Online Dating HERE.

Jenn, RFG


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