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The One Piece Of Dating Advice That Always Works


We are rounding up the second week of the new year. Can you believe it? Ha Ha, just messing with you. I am poking a wee bit of fun at the people who repeatedly say ‘can you believe that it’s the end of the year already?’

One Piece of Dating Advice .001

Okay, so week 2 of 2014, and I have an important Romantic Fairy Godmother task at hand. I must teach you the one piece of dating advice (or magical romantic spell) that always works. It’s a doozy. For some of you, you’ll get it right away and your man will magically appear. For others you will take your time arguing with me or your old ways in your head, and it will take awhile to unravel.

BUT, it’s the most important piece of romantic advice you will ever learn. Ready?

Learn who you are romantically…

So many women spend so much much time trying to figure out men.

What’s he thinking?
What’s he doing?
Why is he doing that?
Did he just use me for sex?
Why in the hell isn’t he calling?

And being the loving, but not always so patient, Romantic Fairy Godmother that I am, well, it makes me want to shoot them in the foot with my fairy-wand.

Being single is the absolutely most incredible opportunity you will ever have to set yourself up to be loved, adored, and cherished over a lifetime!

Yes, it’s true, lots of women tumble into relationships. And it’s also true that lots of women tumble out of them even years later, with still no clue who they are romantically.

We women are the most powerful driving force behind romance.

Love and romance have a very powerful symbiotic relationship with each other. And since we all know that love truly makes the world go around, well then it just makes sense that we women are all a romantic force to be reckoned with.

Well, primarily when we use our romantic powers for good instead of evil. (Although, I will admit, me and my girls rendezvous on the dark side at times;)

Unfortunately, very few women actually know who they are romantically. Most have a long, complex list of all the things they don’t want. (Think about that in terms of attractiveness. “I don’t want this, he can’t be that, I can’t stand this, and there’s no way I’ll ever that” Eeek.. even I am hugely turned off!)

And then there are women who have a vague yet extremely exclusive list. (tall, dark, handsome, Orthodox Jewish, light eyes, extremely wealthy, intelligent, funny, left handed, from a good family, loves his mother, doesn’t have children, etc.) Now on the surface there is nothing wrong with this list. Frankly, if you live in small town Iowa it might be like chasing a Unicorn, but that’s not even really the point. It’s missing something HUGE. It is missing who she is romantically. And you can only incorporate that through feelings. Again, unfortunately, even women with extensive lists of what they do want usually don’t really understand what they want to feel romantically, which leaves them pretty clueless about their romantic self.

So what’s a girl to do Jenn?

The number one way I’ve found for myself and the women I work with to truly embrace and use the opportunity of being single, as well as learn in depth about who we are romantically and our romantic potential, is through what I call Mantourage Dating.

Simply put, Mantourage Dating is merely dating more than one man at a time as you discover who you are romantically. You can continue this process indefinitely, or you can, as many women do, use it to draw in your “Forever Man.” For which it is also potently effective.

Yet despite its complexity, it is the single most effective and eye opening way to discover who you are romantically.

Women Are The Most Powerful Driving Force Behind Romance
The truth is, we women are not static. We are the epitome of dynamic; we change, we evolve, we shed old parts of ourselves, we reinvent… and this includes our romantic self. Being open to the possibilities of your romantic self is the first step in learning who you are romantically.

By the way, I mentioned before we are the most powerful force behind romance. Which is why this lesson is the one piece of advice that always works. Men love and are inspired by this in us. When we learn who we are romantically and use this piece with integrity, we become irresistible to men.

WARNING: I want to be clear that this advice doesn’t guarantee you a specific man that you have decided is the only one for you. It will give you a much better chance with him, but it doesn’t guarantee him. It does, however, mean your man will show up, if you are truly willing to learn and research who you are romantically.

It’s a big beautiful dating world out there Lovergirl, get your hot bunz busy exploring, researching and learning about your romantic you.


I make no secret that this isn’t the easiest of adventures to do on your own. I have been wildly successful with it in my own life, as well of that of my clients. If you would like an experienced Romantic Fairy Godmother to help with making all of your Romantic dreams come true, then click here to check out my Romantic Fairy Godmother Private Access pass and submit your application. I have a few new spots for opening up in February, and YES this stuff really works.

You can have all that your heart desires, and I can show you how. I’ve done it for so many women and would be honored to do the same for you.

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