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What a 96 year old woman can teach you about dating (TOO GOOD TO MISS)


One of the best parts of my week just happened again, and I had to share.

Learn How To DateJust got off the phone with one of my favorite clients. In the time we’ve worked together, I have seen the most beautiful metamorphosis in her. Don’t get me wrong, she came to me pretty fabulous: successful, smart, and beautiful.

But unfortunately that equaled to diddly squat in her romantic life. In fact three years after her split from her cheating ex-husband, she was still finding it difficult to make it to date number 2 or 3 with a man she liked.

She was a Romantic Hot Mess…

These days she is being courted by not one but TWO gorgeous, sweet, funny, and successful men.

Truthfully, I could write incessantly about her insanely fun dating adventures, BUT she told me a story recently that blew me away. So I asked if I can share it with you.

Last month Laura (yes, I changed her name) traveled to see her family out of state. While she was there, her 96 year old grandmother on an oxygen tank started to ask about her ex husband and what he’s up to.

To which Laura replied: “Actually Gram, I’ve started dating again, and I am dating more than one person right now.”

Laura’s gram didn’t say much after that. And Laura didn’t either. Gram had spent 72 years married to the same man, who cheated on her many, many times.

9 am the next morning Gram called, and Laura answered. Laura went to give the phone to her mother, assuming that was who Gram was calling.

Instead, Gram said: ‘Actually Laura, I wanted to talk to you. I can’t stop thinking about what you told me yesterday, & More power to you for dating more than one man.’

Then she thoughtfully confessed to Laura that she wished she had had the courage to leave her own cheating husband and date other men.

Now Laura had to give me some background about the full extent of the meaning of these words out of her gram’s mouth.

You see Gram barely smiles; she’s not at all warm and fuzzy. She is absolutely practical, and she has lived her life taking care of what she is supposed to.

And at 96 years old, she is wishing she had the courage to live romantically out loud like Laura.

I can’t tell you the number of women who come to me wanting to just find their one.

If they meet that guy that they’ll spend the rest of their life with, then everything will be perfect.

Finding a man to spend a lifetime with, honestly, is pretty easy.

Taking your romantic adventures into your own hands, learning how to live your love life out loud, knowing what it feels like to be wildly alive instead of caught in what society says you are supposed to do. Well, that is the magic of Mantourage Dating.

And I am not promising it will all be easy, but I know first hand that it is absolutely worth it.

Of course you don’t have to take my word for it, I am only 7 years into a loving, trusting, sex is getting only getting hotter relationship. (Oh it’s 7 years today, when my beau asked me for exclusivity. Yippee!)

But you should definitely strongly consider the words 96 year old woman who now lives with romantic regret

So ask yourself…am I going to continue to be a romantic hot mess? OR Are you ready to say yes to yourself, have insanely fun dating adventures, and start living your life?

Strut your hot self over here to learn more about how I help women like you reach a greater level of happiness and fulfillment in romance and the rest of their lives.


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