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Is Work Killing Your Love Life?

Lady Love

It’s that time again. Time for a brand new episode of Fairy Dust Friday. BTW, since holiday season is quickly approaching, I am giving you a heads up that Fairy Dust Fridays are probably going to be more of the quick and dirty type.

Mainly because I know that since I am super busy, I imagine you are as well as we prepare for festivities.

Too Busy For Love
Lots of single professional women come to me with help for their love life. And one extremely common theme that runs madly amuck with single professional women is how crazy busy they are. (Actually, this is the same for most women. We are professionals at crazy busy.)

But let’s stick to single professionals for a moment to illustrate an important point. From careers to all-time consuming extra-curricular activities, so many women come to me with little space in their life for a man. What’s even worse is that these same women tend to drop their entire lives when a man comes into their life that they are wildly attracted to.

Why? Because honestly, most of the time she over-commits to fill a very important void in her life. And most of the time, that very important void for single professional women is the deep desire for true love. But she’ll continue to cover it up since she is deathly afraid of vulnerability, and most likely has been hurt before.

…Until that one guy walks into her life, and she starts to get excited about the possibility of love again. She doesn’t want to take the chance on missing out. She hasn’t felt this way about a guy in a while, which means everything else in her life can exist on the back burner for now.

It feels good to be wildly attracted to someone who is paying attention to you. It makes sense in love-stricken excitement to put all of your energy into this encounter…

Until you lose yourself completely and fall behind on important things that matter, feel less like yourself, and instead of being truly vulnerable, you actually start to feel a little bit crazy.

And then he starts acting strange, and then he stops calling as much.

And little bit crazy goes to “Oh shit, what did I do wrong” full on crazy.

Left untreated, this turns into unsolicited texting to him, unreturned calls by him, and eventually full on obsession with him.

Then you start asking everyone you know exactly what they think you should do.
OR you shut down permanently for romantic business because this shit hurts too much. You eventually get back to your very busy life even more jaded and skeptical about men than before.

If you break this spell (pattern) you have put upon yourself, you will find love. But I must warn you that there are several ingredients to the antidote (strategy). This is the hardest antidote to do on your own. It is easy to stay in this spell permanently, and rinse and repeat the vicious cycle above multiple times.

So let me tell you the 3 main antidote ingredients I help my clients with that, when applied, will turn this situation around for you:

1. I help women unwind their busy-ness.
We figure out what to keep in her life that makes her truly happy and not just busy, plus keep the important essentials. That way she’ll actually have room in her life for her forever man, if she chooses to have one.

2. Next I show her how to make meeting great guys easy for her.
We always start with online dating, because it has the biggest pool of single available men. I almost exclusively use eHarmony for my private clients because we get the most awesome results. (I am really good at eHarmony, and I love the men I always find on there for my clients.)

Click Here to check out eHarmony (Note this is my affiliate link for eHarmony, but know I only recommend it because as an online dating expert, I find it to be the best for bringing high-quality men into your Mantourage Dating (multiple men you are dating before you become exclusive with your forever-man.)

3. Finally, she is not allowed to drop everything just because she has met someone incredible.
She is absolutely required to keep up with her friends, her family, and her work, but most of all, she must take down time for herself. She has to maintain a sense of self in order to become comfortable with the vulnerability of being with someone, instead of becoming crazy. This is how she taps into the beauty of vulnerability in love, and makes room for more romantic adventures than she can imagine.

Bonus: autonomy is super sexy to him when combined with vulnerability.

Lovergirl, that was the down and dirty Romantic Fairy Godmomma antidote for my single professional women that use busy-ness to thwart their efforts to have the love-life they are secretly wishing for. Love doesn’t have to elude you unless you really want it to. But then again, as your Romantic Fairy Godmomma, I know that you underneath it all don’t really want it to. 😉


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