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#FairyDust TV Episode 9, #AskJenn Q & A, Can I Flip His Script? Can I Change His Mind?


#FairyDustTV Episode 9, Can I Change His Mind? How To Get A Guy To Like You Again Video Transcript

Can I Change His Mind? How To Get A Guy To Like You Again

Today I have a very interesting twist on a very common topic that we talked about at

I am going to answer an audience question.

How To Get A Guy To Like You AgainThe subject is: Can I Change His Mind? How To Get A Guy To Like You Again

Here’s the question I received:

I met this guy online via Scout in January –he talked to me first. 5 days later, he came to my city from 3 hours away to meet for the first time. I wasn’t really feeling him initially because I liked someone else. We’ve hung out twice since: once in his town and once in another city.

He said he wanted to be treated like he was cared for. From that day on, I texted him good morning and sent him funny memes to know he was cared for. Now he says he was working for a project that takes 14-hour days and he doesn’t reach out to me. My question is: Can I flip his script?

Now, it would appear that there are lots of pieces that need to be addressed in order to answer this lovely lady’s particular question –BUT there’s something much, much bigger in her question and in her story. Something that she has mentioned that I need to talk to you ladies about FIRST.

This is very important and if you didn’t catch it the first time around, that statement was: he said he wanted to be treated like he was cared for. From that day on, I started texted him memes to know he was cared for.

Initially, this sounds very benign and there’s nothing wrong about it. But doing the work I’ve been doing for as long as I’ve been doing, I know one thing for sure:

If you spend your dating phase trying to prove to a man who you are, you’re going to spend the entire relationship doing the exact same thing, and this is an exhausting cycle for a woman to put herself into.

For my Lovely Lady from Kansas, let me answer your question: ‘Can I Flip His Script?’

I want to tell you NO and before I get to the YES, I want to tell you WHY.

It goes back to: if you stay in the mode of trying to prove to a man who you are romantically, then no, you cannot flip his script.

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Women are not meant to prove who we are romantically to men. This goes beyond just the statement “to show him how he is cared for”. It doesn’t mean you don’t do things to show him that you do and it’s not about proving yourself again and again (which I can tell you were doing by your statement: From that day on, I texted him good morning and sent him funny memes to know he was cared for.)

It’s an exhausting cycle to set yourself up for.

Let me give another example situation…

This happens quite a bit when a man, especially in the dating phase, starts talking a lot about how his ex used to act so women go out of their way to prove they are nothing like his ex.

How To Get A Guy To Like You AgainWomen come to me and ask why it is not working out with him?

It’s not working because you’re trying to prove yourself romantically to him and not to yourself. All you are doing is setting him up not to fall in love with you. Setting him up to at some point walk away from you because you’ve screwed up the energy flow of the relationship.

You see, he doesn’t have the ability to love, cherish and adore you when you’re coming from a desperate place of needing approval.

You are needing his approval instead of being in the moment and enjoying that relationship.

So what exactly should you do?

Well this is the point where I tell you that YOU CAN FLIP HIS SCRIPT –but only if you decide that you are no longer going to try and prove to him how much you care about him.

You can show him when it feels good but having to prove it will never ever get you there.

It will actually work against you because it distorts that energy flow between the two of you.

Now he has a feeling of desperation coming from you, instead of: “wow this woman is really excited to get to know me”. It’s a completely different scenario.

If you decide that you’re not trying to prove yourself again and again, then the energy shifts and THEN you can actually use strategy to make him want you again.

REMINDER: You can prove yourself to yourself but you don’t have to prove yourself romantically to somebody else.

My private clients come to me and pay me thousands and thousands of dollars so I can help them with this specific strategy.

I have the best strategy when it comes to getting a man to notice you again that’s why women come to me for my help –though it’s not just the strategy that is so important.

There are other components that have to go along with the strategy.

To say that this is an easy thing to do would be a huge disservice to you. A lot of people would make you think that it’s that easy to flip somebody’s script. You might be able to flip somebody’s script temporarily. However, what happens is when you think that you can use just a little bit of strategy and not the secret sauce on the side is you set up the pattern for this kind of scenario to happen again and again and again.

Even if you make it into a relationship, you have set up this scenario –proving yourself and repeating the cycle in different ways How To Get A Guy To Like You Againthroughout the course of your relationship (if indeed you do make it –which many women don’t).

Instead of broadcasting specific strategies and the secret sauce all over the internet, which would not only be a disservice to you women but also my clients, I put together an online class showing you exactly how to Make Him Want You Again.

We will spend an hour together and I will teach you the secret sauce, the strategy and the whole formula that you can use, then put together something very special for your life to get your man’s attention again.

This includes if you’re going through a breakup or if the guy has gone MIA on you.

All those different scenarios that have you thinking about him constantly.

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Once you register, I will send you the secret online location access where I will walk you step-by-step through the formula that you need to know as a woman. This information is crucial to your love life.


Maybe it’s not just this one guy. Maybe this happened at another time in your relationship.

You’ll now know how to draw his attention again because we undergo cycles in our relationships and this class will definitely stack the romantic deck in your favor.

You need to know the secret sauce.

You need to know what makes the strategy so powerful. These two pieces go together in order to draw in a man and get his attention back on you.

As for my lovely lady in Kansas: I initially said no, you won’t be able to flip his script but the truth is you can absolutely flip the script. Even with a guy that says he is working 14-hour days. All that stuff doesn’t bother me whatsoever. But you my lovely lady, first have to decide that you’re not going to spend your time with a guy while trying to prove who you are romantically.

That’s exhausting and sad.

When you do something, it should always come from a place of:

“I just really want to do this and I want to enjoy this.”

It’s not because this is what he needs in order for him to like you. That again, is neediness. It’s being desperate. It short-circuits his ability to love, cherish and adore you long-term.

It sets you up to be a doormat in a relationship.

There’s absolutely no need for that. Instead, if you wanna learn the secret sauce and the strategy that will help you get his attention again, go to and register.

In this class I’m going to lay it out for you and spell it out step by step so you know exactly what you’re doing. Plus how to make tons of fun. See you on the inside, Lovergirl.


How To Get A Guy To Like You Again