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#FairyDustTV Episode 10, Where To Meet Single Men During Summer 



#FairyDustTV Video Transcript:


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We’re coming up on summer and I know the weather is getting hot and the clothes are starting to come off and everything’s starting to become fun:

Where To Meet Single Men During Summer

Where To Meet Single Men Summer is a time for fun, exploration, feeling free, going to parties, having a good time; going swimming, going on adventures. A lot of vacations are scheduled during the summer and there’s just so many possibilities after the winter, after the whole hibernation thing — side note: I love spring too. Spring is a great time for dating as well.

I’m gonna be honest. Dating anytime can be fantastic and magical. But, there’s something really cool about the summer.

There’s a little catch with the summer, though. It can be kind of hit or miss –socially. Especially because people are doing the vacation thing, going on different adventures that take that take them away from home.

Make sure that you’re doing it as well. And if financially you’re not able to do an elaborate vacation, do it on a smaller scale, but Lovergirl, it’s really important for you to get out there and have some fun.

Now, there’s something else very important thing that you need to take with you especially when we talk about t that you need to take with you. It’s a mindset shift that I want you to make.

I want you to shift your perception of men during the summer. Most women think of summer flings and about men only wanting to get in the pants –and yeah, there’s an air of that out there but that doesn’t mean that you need to approach dating during the summer the same way. Because if you approach it like “a man is just trying to get in my pants”, you’re gonna have a shit ass dating life.

You can go ahead and acknowledge that yes, men –they do want to sleep with you.

Why wouldn’t they want to sleep with you? Have you looked at yourself lately?

You’re freakin’ hot!

So, go ahead and accept that and allow yourself to enjoy dating during the summer.

Now, you will have to be a little more firm with your boundaries and none of that whole telling guys you’re not gonna sleep with them and then end up sleeping with them, alright?

One of the things I recommend is not telling him “I’m not going to sleep with you”. I hate when women do that because many end up doing it anyways and all they’re doing is discrediting themselves/ making things really icky.

Where To Meet Single Men During Summer Please don’t tell men: “Oh I’m not that kind of girl, I’m not going to sleep with you.” and then turn around and do it.

It’s very common especially when you’ve had a few too many to drink, to get caught in the moment with him and end up sleeping with him. Rectify that by not saying anything in the first place, okay? You don’t have to make that comment to him.

Speaking of alcohol, I do recommend too that the summer blowouts you have, doesn’t have to be about consuming so much alcohol. You can learn how to have a great time with everybody without having to consume a whole bunch of alcohol and make stupid choices that you feel ashamed about later.

So, instead this summer, get outside, get some Vitamin D, eat some healthy food and just feel good in general being out in the sun, having a good time. Go to all the parties you want but keep it to 2-3 drinks. You don’t have to go overboard. You don’t have to make silly decisions based on alcohol consumption.

We can have a lot of fun and know that we’re just as much fun without alcohol in our systems.

And again frame of mind: we’re not looking at guys as the enemy. Meaning they’re just there to get into our pants. No.

We’re there to have a good time with them.
We’re there to be playful with them.
We’re there to own our own boundaries.
We don’t have to spell our boundaries to them verbally.
We just act the way that we want to be taken.

Now, with that said, let’s move on to number one great ways to meet men during summer.


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Did you know that June is the big wedding month? Yup! So many people get married during June and that is the biggest month for celebration. Now, I’m not sure if that statistic is true down here in the South of the United States because it is hot as hell. But I’m sure up North, those weddings are amazing and beautiful –although we can have them in churches down here.

But, with that said, weddings are a great place to go at any age and meet single guys. All you have to do is show up, look beautiful, have a great time –again, please keep the alcohol to a minimum so that you can function with all of your senses in tact and you’re not making the choices that you’ll regret later.

Yes I do admit that there are guys that want to take advantage of the whole wedding scene because it’s commonly known women are more emotionally sensitive at weddings. (Which is the whole premise that Wedding Crashers was –really funny movie years and years ago was based on.) So yes, there are men like that that actually exist –BUT if you’re in all of your six senses, you haven’t had too much to drink, you’re not gonna fall prey to that.

And if you’re a girl who wants a man to honor her first and get to know her before she sleeps with him, do that! There’s no pressure here. If he wants to have sex with you too soon and you say no and he keeps pressuring you, just walk away. Free him to the overly-sexed masses. There are lots of great men out there that will honor you for who you are and your sexual pace.

Okay, another thing: outdoor events. Again, get into the fun, get out, get some sun. Put the sunscreen on after 20 minutes. (She giggles, maybe she should do a vitamin D public service announcement;-)

Enjoy music events and being around people socially. It’s so much fun to connect with people outside especially in all six of your senses, and have a great time. Just meeting people, talking to people, dancing. Do those outdoor events.

Go out there and have some fun.

That’s a great place to meet men and it’s a great place for men to approach you. Since men still mostly do the approaching.

With that said, there’s another little piece that I did forget to mention earlier that I want you to bring with you when at these events. Your eye contact. What so many women fail to realize is that because we’re so afraid of being approached by the wrong guy, is that we shut down physically to all guys. So they have no idea that you have any interest. And then we complain about never being approached by the right men.

Let’s be honest, you know, guys still primarily do the approaching. Even though it has to be overwhelming for them –that type of rejection, again and again and again. Women just aren’t that nice at times.

So I want you to learn to use your eye contact, open up to guys, see them and acknowledge the fact that they’re looking. Let them look at you for a second then you can look back at them then you can smile because acknowledgement isn’t you saying: “Oh I wanna have sex with you”. That acknowledgement is saying: “Oh hey I see you looking at me”. Then you can accelerate that from there.

With the right eye contact, you can –without even saying a word, you can invite the right man over to speak with you.

Simple. Fun. Flirty. It works. Try it.

It works really, really, really well. Sometimes a little too well for me. Nah, I’m just kidding;-)

In fact, I just remember the story when I first met my husband. How I looked up and I wasn’t in the mood to meet anybody that night. It was so funny. I looked up and I saw him looking at me. And immediately my eyes went down and the next thing I knew, he was standing right next to me but I was not in the headspace to get that kind of attention that night. In fact, it took us quite a while after that to meet again and for things to evolve.

Eye contact is super powerful.Where To Meet Single Men During Summer

There was no harm, no foul. Though that he came over anyway. In fact, it ended up being a good thing. (She says in a coquettish tone nine years later;-)

Learn to use your eye contact. Learn to draw men in without having to say a word.

You’re gonna like the power you feel and the guys are gonna like the acknowledgement that you present –giving them bread crumbs to approach you and talk to you. That way you don’t have to be the approach-er.


It’s unfortunate that women don’t do that much anymore because of the urban legends surround it. But you can and YOU SHOULD tell your friends, you know your close friends: “Hey, I’m really open for a setup if you know a good quality guy who, has his ducks in a row and is interested in meeting somebody like me. Whether it be a blind date or a double date with you”

Which of course only comes if you are looking at dating with an exploration perspective: “I’m interested in seeing what’s out there and exploring my options”. I wouldn’t look at it as “Oh if they don’t get it right, I’m gonna lose my friend forever.”

It’s just research.
It’s just for fun.
It’s just to see what happens.
And It gives you options in men.

If you’ve been around these Have Him Your Way parts for any amount of time you’ve heard me talking about Mantourage Dating. You also know that one of the ways to make your dating experiences magical which leads to love is with Mantourage Dating and opening up your options to men.

Mantourage Dating is the ultimate dating experience–if you let it be fun. You can make yourself miserable doing it too. It’s craziness to me, but I understand because I used to be that way. (The woman who made dating horrific)

But if you let yourself have fun and let men show up for you in different way with my proven method, Mantourage Dating™ is always the way to go for smart, successful, single women.

Where else can you meet men during the summer?

If you are a creative hostess, which I am not. Actually I’m a really bad party host. Mainly because I don’t like hosting parties, but I know a lot of ladies coming to me are fantastic at hosting parties.

Which means if you enjoy hosting parties… Have a party and when somebody asks you: “What do I need to bring?”

Tell them: “Your entry fee is to bring a great single person –a hot single person.

You can stipulate whatever you like, but make sure you get men and women there. Not just all men. Although, that can be kind of interesting too. (kidding)

The point is you can host a fun summer party and have everybody bring a single friend –that they’re not on a date with, by the way. (That would probably be key;-) There’s so many ways you could go with that and let your creativity out to play. You can do this if you’re a good party host and even if you’re not, but maybe you wanna be.


As I mentioned before things can be a little hit and miss during the summer. Everybody’s going out of town, coming back into town.. BUT You, with the right perception: that you WILL enjoy and explore your options, know that you will meet men socially.

But the single men, the ones that are looking for relationships, always, always roam on online dating sites. They’re always there. They have signed up for different online dating platforms to say: “Hey, I’m single. And I’m interested in meeting a woman.” It’s very very simple.

You know, it used to be a very taboo topic and some women still have a few issues with online dating, but that’s where the successful single men go to meet women and to explore their options. You should be exploring as well.

I want you to do me a favor. I have a fantastic program called If you go there, I’d give you the first two chapters of my program for free so you can check it out.

Because what you don’t want to do is to get online with a bland or boring profile because that’s where women screw up.

They get online with a bland or boring profile and they attract all kinds of nutjobs or they experience crickets in their online dating inbox and they’re like: “Oh, online dating doesn’t work, blah blah blah.”

On the other hand, E-ressistibility will run you step by step through how to put together a fantastic profile plus get the right pictures to attract your dream men or man, whichever one you want 😉

I suggest during the summer, you explore your options online too.


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Where To Meet Single Men During Summer