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07 He Saw Me With Another Man, What Do I Do? Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

He saw you on a date with another man.

Theoretically this is a good thing right? Or is it? Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female.







Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

04:20 – It can benefit you for a man to see you with another man
04:40 – A man pause is when a man takes the time to consider whether or not you guys you have a potential of having a future relationship with you
06:02 – If you don’t communicate with a man enough (not over communicate), he might think that you’re not interested in him.
06:38 – When you’re not in an exclusive relationship with someone, you do not need to explain everything that you are doing in your life
08:03 – You should be an adored woman because you are irresistible, not because you’re manipulative.
08:16 – When Mantourage Dating, do not take men that you are dating to the places that you frequent
12:51 – It’s okay to connect with man first so long as it’s not only you doing that
18:59 – What happens when you spend ttoo much time with other people is you run out of things to talk about.
19:52 – When you keep drilling down and asking your man if there is something wrong, then we eventually convince them that there is something wrong.
21:58 – Sometimes, the best romance is about keeping it simple. You don’t have to over communicate to be truly happy. Lovergirl.

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