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11 Do Situations Like This Only Work Out On Sex In The City? Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

You finally slept with him, and then RADIO SILENCE!

Do long-term relationships in real life ever start in this fashion like Carrie chasing my Mr. Big? Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female.






Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

04:08 – Some of the things are happening because you let him. The truth is, you can tell him all you want that you want a relationship; but if you allow him to treat it like a booty call, then you are showing him that you are okay with it.
5:07 – If you want to sleep with a man, sleep with a man and enjoy the hell out of it; but don’t be pissed off at him because he’s not in the realm of a relationship just yet.
7:13 – You might be holding him back by telling him you want one thing and showing him that you are willing to put up with something that is completely in a different direction.
09:27 – relationship can start in this fashion (sex), but not by not telling him exactly what you want and showing it.
11:24 – You can still be an empowered woman without having to take masculine verbs and interject it into your life.
11:42 – You can play in a man’s world as a woman and get so much further.
12:27 – you can be a woman who enjoys sex, who enjoys her body and who is comfortable in her skin.
12:51 – There’s nothing wrong with sleeping with somebody if that’s what you want to do.
15:12 – Men are fascinated to us in many other ways other than sex.
18:24 – Real men don’t mind waiting for you to be ready for sex and those men that do mind, really don’t matter.

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