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13 We Are Still Not In An Exclusive Relationship – What Do I Do? – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

The dates are great. The conversation is great. And the sex is AMAZING

But we still aren’t in an exclusive relationship. Plus YIKES – I couldn’t stop thinking about him when I was on a date with another man.

Find out how to handle this and learn if Steph’s latin lover had a change of heart about moving and leaving Steph for good on this episode of Single Smart Female.






Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

03:49 – Continue to add to your Mantourage

06:25 – Take a moment and appreciate what you have and celebrate it. You cn do it in a journal.

07:39 – In order not to hyperfocus on one guy before you have moved into an exclusive relationship. make sure that the other guys you are dating are high quality guys as well

09:49 – Take ahold of a b eautiful moment and carpe diem and have a magical time. See what mischievous things you can get into, see what experiences you can have and see what types of men you can inspire to adore you.

10:26 – We all need someone who can intellectually stimulate us at times.

21:49 – If you are willing to be vulnerable without being needy, that’s how you can build your romantic courage

22:23 – No matter what anybody says, romance is not black or white.

29:47 – Always look at a man’s actions more than his words

38:32 – Mantourage Dating is not for the faint of heart but it is for the adventurous soul

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