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24 What Do I Say When He Asks About Other Men? – Dating Advice With Smart Single Female

dating multiple peopleIt is natural for a man to sense that you are dating other men since the two of you aren’t exclusive yet. But what if he starts asking about them?

How do you answer without blowing your chances with him? Find out how and learn the top five ways to up the ante with your Mantourage Dating™ experience on this episode of Single Smart Female.



What Do I Say When He Asks About Other Men? Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

dating multiple people01:15 – Clueless Cutie from Phoenix, Arizona’s question
02:59 – All women who are Mantourage Dating™ should know this
04:24 – You should learn this to manage male attention in integrity
05:02 – Most men think this way
05:40 – This is how you tell some guys to stop asking you about details about dating other men
06:22 – Learn to do this if he keeps asking you about the other men you’re dating
09:24 – This might happen to you if the situation is turned around
10:41 – This is what Jenn thinks when she sees someone who is really attractive
11:30 – If you’re not making it to date two or three with other men, the tendency is for you to do this
12:28 – This is what you should do with other men in your life
13:50 – Top 5 ways to up the ante on Mantourage Dating
17:50 – Final Thought

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