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28 Are You Lovesick? – Dating Advice Single Smart Female

love sickFrustrated and exhausted trying to get him to open up and commit to you?

Learn what you need to do and find out if you are suffering from lovesickness on this episode of Single Smart Female. Plus get hot updates on Steph’s love life and find out why Jenn is so pissed off at her.




Are You Lovesick? Show Notes

love sick

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:18 St. Louis Sweetheart’s question
02:20 This is the main reason for St Louis Sweetheart’s problem
02:45 This is something you can try to get men to open up to you emotionally
04:48 You’ll never set a man up to want a relationship with you, if you do this
05:13 St. Louis Sweetheart is probably under the romantic weather with this
06:34 You should never let yourself fall in love with a man who doesn’t do this
07:11 Stay off of this online dating site
0916 Updates on Steph’s lovelife
11:34 Steph received an interesting message
18:42 Final Thought

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