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36 I Think I Am His Rebound. Should I Opt Out And Save Myself The Heartache? – Dating Advice Single Smart Female

am i a reboundThe dates are great, the sex ahmazing. The only problem, he recently got out of a relationship.

Are the two of you doomed? Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female plus hot updates on Steph’s trip to see Latin Lover. Boom or bust?



am i a rebound

I Think I Am His Rebound. Should I Opt Out And Save Myself The Heartache? Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:10 Miss Sittin’ Pretty in Pittsburgh’s question
06:36 You may not deserve crappy treatment from men, but sometimes we unknowingly do this
08:06 Miss Sittin’ Pretty is about to ruin her experiences with Mr. Plot Thickens because of this
09:10 What Jenn found out about men that changed her love life forever
11:05 Jenn shares what she said to her current husband when he told her that he doesn’t do serious relationships while they were dating
17:58 Steph shares a story about a couple of her dates
25:32 If you want an instant connection with him, then you can do this.
32:52 Steph and Jenn talking about awkward kissing that turns good
40:47 You do not have to buy in to male scarcity if you are this
50:44 Final Thought

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Am I A Rebound?