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44 Are The Rules Different When You Date Someone In The Public Eye – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

dating a celebrityIs dating a celebrity different than dating a normal Joe? What if both of you are in the public eye? Are the rules the same?

Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female plus the different types of men that women commonly overlook.



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Dating A Celebrity Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

dating a celebrity01:19 – Question from Ms. Celebrity Dating a Celebrity in New York
03:55 – Is there a difference when dating a celebrity?
05:23 – This is something that you need to acknowledge whether or not you are dating someone whose life is witnessed in the public eye
05:53 – Are you willing to change your life for him, like moving for example? Consider this first.
07:02 – Is there a pattern with the type of men that you date? This is something we’d like to encourage you to do.
13:04 -Your own personal brand can inhibit this while dating
13:56 – Do this and he will keep coming back 😉
19:31 – Depending on how close the two of you are or not, don’t be afraid to acknowledge this
21:14 – Communication pattern changes doesn’t indicate disinterest, but remember, you can do this
23:06 – The different types of men that women commonly overlook
35:40 – Final Thought

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Dating A Celebrity