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60 The Worst Dating Advice Ever – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

bad dating adviceThere is a lot of really bad dating advice for women out there. This is some of the worst.

Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female.


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bad dating advice

Bad Dating Advice Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

00:48 – Today’s topic
02:31 – One so-called dating expert wants you to think that men prefer thin women, and women should do this with his advice
03:49 – The worst piece of advice number two is pretty surprising
06:19 – A lot of women are doing this and it can be a problem
07:16 – Number 4 on the worst dating advice
08:33 – Number 5 on the worst dating advice. You might also believe this.
09:16 – If you are uncomfortable with sleeping with somebody, this happens
10:21 – You need to do this so you can enjoy dating fully
10:52 – Don’t EVERY change you fundamentally. Do this instead
11:44 – Yes, we want you to do you. We want you to be yourself, but do this with your interactions with men

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Bad Dating Advice