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63 How To Overcome Dating Boredom – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

I Am Bored With MenHow’s your dating life, Lovergirl? Feeling bored with men?

Learn the remedy on this episode of Single Smart Female.




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I Am Bored With Men

I Am Bored With Men Show Notes

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Help for women with online dating that leads to real-life love & romance
Powerful dating experience for smart, successful, single women

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Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

00:58 – Today’s topic
01:39 – The first tip for overcoming dating boredom
02:04 – If you are bored while you are Mantourage Dating, then this might be the reason
02:50 – The second tip on how to not get bored with dating
03:03 – This is what we call a crappy online dating profile
03:32 – These are the results of a crappy online dating profile
04:42 – You need to understand this even if you’ve already created an amazing online dating profile
06:09 – Here’s another tip on how you can enjoy dating
06:34 – The fourth tip for overcoming dating boredom
06:57 – Going out for coffee or drinks is a dating staple, but you need to consider this
08:49 – You can do this when going out on a date so you won’t get bored
09:30 – When you are running out of ideas for dates, remember this
10:26 – If you’re not cluing him in on what you want, remember this
11:18 – This is the simplest thing you can do when you’re bored with dating
12:12 – Here’s tip number 6 on how to not get bored with dating
12:45 – This is what flirting is 😉
13:16 – We think that guys get all the attention, but know this…

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I Am Bored With Men