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69 How To Be Heard Without Coming Off As A Bitch – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

he thinks i am a nagThere is a lot you want to say, but you’re worried how it might come off. Especially in front of him. It’s time for you to be heard without coming off as a bitch.

Find out how on this episode of Single Smart Female plus learn about the evolution of women’s voices and tips to help you communicate more effectively in any conversation.

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he thinks i am a nag

He Thinks I Am A Nag Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:14 – Our guest for today, Ms Tina Dietz
04:02 – Believe it or not, even successful women have this problem
09:01 – Tina talks about the evolution of women’s voices
12:34 – This is a secret when you want people to feel relaxed when talking to you
15:22 – We women want to be powerful with our communication, but this is what often happens
16:57 – Women should try this type if communication first
19:48 – Two communication issues that affect your credibility
20:40 – What is a vocal fry and what do the Kardashians have to do with it?
23:55 – This is something that we forget to do when speaking
26:52 – This is something you could do to check your communication skills and effectiveness
30:51 – This is how pauses can improve your communication skills
35:10 – Important points by Tina

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He Thinks I Am A Nag