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73 Understanding How Your Voice Affects & Influences Men – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

does he hate my voiceYour voice plays a bigger role in affecting/influencing men than you believe. It’s time you understand exactly how.

Find out how on this episode of Single Smart Female with special guest co-host Tina Dietz

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does he hate my voice

Does He Hate My Voice Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

00:52 – Today’s guest and today’s topic
01:50 – This is our role in a man’s life, which is what makes us women even more special
02:26 – There are some phrases that men have some conditioned response to. These are what we call “triggers”
05:09 – This is what happens with men biochemically and otherwise when we say “We need to talk”
05:35 – Women use similar vocal patterns in our conversations, which conditions our partner’s reaction
12:43 – One of the phrases women use that can sometimes trigger men to react negatively
14:50 – What do women mean with “I’m fine” exactly? How it affects men.
16:14 – This is a good communication trick, so men don’t always misunderstand us 😉
19:12 – When you stop stuffing your feelings dow, this is what happens
20:59 – This is how we can fight against being misinterpreted because of the tone of our voice
22:04 – This is how you can communicate effectively and leave no room for misinterpretation
23:12 – This is how you can clarify if you understood a message correctly
27:22 – This is a psychological premise behind being true to your own communication tempo
31:09 – This is what will happen if you try to deflect from what you really feel
37:04 – This is something we can do to practice our vocal flow and improve our communication skills
37:50 – Sonority is one of the things that affect our communication with men

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Does He Hate My Voice