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80 Two Ginormous Mistakes Women Make While Dating – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

INSERT SEO KEYWORD PHRASEFind dating too difficult? These two mistakes most women make keep them from the love they really want.

Learn what on this episode of Single Smart Female.


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hes too nice

Hes Too Nice Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

01:03 – Think these dating mistakes don’t have that much impact on your love life? Think again.
01:21 – Women do this often with men. It kills long term love potential
02:03 – This is one of the most common places where miscommunication happens between the sexes
02:18 – Most women are nervous to try online dating, which is why this happens
02:31 – A response to a good online profile that we misinterpret most of the time
03:08 – Here’s something that men say that we sometimes misinterpret as an insult
03:37 – Here’s one way you can effectively communicate with men
04:06 – Another ginormous mistake that women make which screws them with men romantically
04:22 – Here’s something you need to know to understand the “blubbering idiots” in your presence
04:51 – This is is what happens to men who are worth your time
05:06 – If you want a truly magical love life, this is what you should do

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Hes Too Nice