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87 Can A Card-Carrying Feminist Be An Adored Woman?

dating as a feministI know. I know. You think that men are scared of feminists and dating will be nothing but a chore trying to weed out all the toxic masculinity. Dating as a feminist can actually be way better than you think.

Find out how on this episode of Single Smart Female.

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dating as a feminist

Dating as a Feminist Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

00:54 – Question from Ms Feminist AF from Portland, Oregon
02:24 – You might be thinking about this when you’re listening to the SSF podcast
03:35 – Here’s a problem most of us women have when in a relationship not just feminist
04:32 – You might not know this about Jenn, but once you do, it will open a whole new perspective on the things that are being discussed on Single Smart Female
05:16 – There are a lot of ways that people look at gender roles and most of the time, it’s the traditional gender roles
06:50 – If he always offers to pay for your dates and you are uncomfortable with it, you might want to hear this
08:15 – Sometimes, we need to step back so that men can do this
13:06 – This is the type of feminist that Jenn is and. It might shed some light on your dating opportunities
14:40 – If we take too much time scrutinizing every detail of every man we are dating, this is probably what’s going to happen
15:58 – Femininity and masculinity may have different meanings in general, but take note of this
20:23 – Being a feminist doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own, so you need to understand this
21:25 – Here’s what men’s biggest weakness is
24:10 – Women are good at analyzing, but we should also consider this too
28:13 – Allowing men to do things for you never dismisses feminism. Allowing men to do things for you also doesn’t mean you owe him anything besides a sincere thank you.

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Dating as a Feminist