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85 Myths About Men That Stop Women From Finding Love Part 2 – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

why do men cheatThere are a lot of myths out there about men. And unfortunately, they are ruining your chances at love.

Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female

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why do men cheat

Why do Men Cheat Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

00:52 – You should to do this to get the full effect of this episode
01:41 – We sometimes focus so much on men and even do this, when the fact is, the answer to our love lives is amongst us
02:43 – There are men out there telling us that they can help us understand men and ultimately find love, but this is what they’re forgetting
03:17 – Here’s one myth that Jenn has encountered a lot – Man Myth #1
05:03 – A lot of women do this, but have not confessed to it
06:14 – Step into Jenn’s world of being an adored woman and a lot of good things will come to you
07:12 – You need to do this and change your reality for your own sake
08:25 – Here’s the big idea about men’s attraction towards women
09:16 – Even if your attraction wains sometimes, there’s a quick way to heat it up again
09:39 – This is what attracts the right men to you
10:51 – Here’s one very annoying myth about men
12:28 – Men are attracted to smart women, and this is something you need to remember
13:40 – Here’s one reason why our search for romance sometimes fail
15:36 – Men can do this all they want, but in the end, it still depends on you.

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Why do Men Cheat