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152 Can We Be Friends If I Am In Love With Him? – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

friendship over relationship What do you do if the man you have fallen for doesn’t want to be in an exclusive relationship with you? Do you quit him or is it possible to be good friends?

Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female.  

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friendship over relationship

Friendship over Relationship Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

02:19 – Today’s question is from Ms Not Into Polyamory from Missouri
05:06 – We always talk about this as women, but we should always remember this
07:03 – This is the reason why it takes a while for us to move on from a guy that we have an interest in
08:05 – You should know that this is okay and that there is something that you can do about it
09:35 – Choosing your romantic destiny and desires over his version may hurt initially, but it’s always the best choice

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Friendship over Relationship