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164 Should I Contact Him Again To Include Him In My Mantourage™ ? – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

should i reach out to him How do you know whether or not you should contact him again when you screwed it up the first time? And how do you know if he is worth the re-encounter?

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  

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should i reach out to him

Should I Reach Out to Him Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
01:45 – Today’s listener question is from Ms I’m Not an Idiot from Idaho who is 38
03:32 – Lovesickness and hyper-focus is a pattern women tend to repeat often in their dating lives. Here is what you can do about it
05:41 – Your exclusivity is a privilege you should only give to someone who is worthy of it, otherwise this happens
08:02 – If a guy takes a step back when you start talking about having an exclusive relationship with him, it could very well be a red flag when handled in this way
10:04 – Your exclusivity is a gift. Quit trying to give it away without truly exploring your options in men with Mantourage™ Dating.

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Should I Reach Out to Him