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176 How Do You Mantourage Date™ In A Small Town? – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

date in small town Most women believe that it is next to impossible to date one man in a small town, and now we are asking you to build a Mantourage? Yes, it’s more than possible.

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  

Important Links and Mentions in this Episode:
If you’re in a small town, online dating will help you to meet men from different places
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date in small town

Date in Small Town Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
01:32 – Our listener question for today comes from Ms Big Fish in Small Pond from Guernsey Channel Islands who is 33 years old
04:32 – This is a good point when it comes to trying to build a Mantourage in a small town
05:39 – Here are some options for you if you live in a small island town
07:28 – Jenn 1 (with the double N) shares her experience living in an island and what she thinks you can do to make it interesting to date
08:50 – Mantourage Dating™ can feel impossible in a small town, but remember the magical words of Mary Poppins: Everything is possible, even the impossible.

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Date in Small Town