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175 He Disappeared. Was It Something You Did Or Universal Protection? – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

he disappeared Everything was going great –or at least that’s what you thought. Until one day, he just disappeared. I mean WTH? Was it something you did?

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  

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he disappeared

He Disappeared Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
01:06 – Today’s topic is more common than you think, especially these days. There’s even a new term for it: Ghosting
04:47 – Should you ask him where he was or why he disappeared?
09:13 – This happens to the best of us, no matter how much of an expert we think we are in dating
13:53 – Here’s some wisdom around having someone disappear without notice
16:18 – If he disappeared while you were being authentically you and honoring your boundaries, consider it universal protection. If he disappeared while you were hyper focused on him, consider it the universe asking you to step up.

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He Disappeared