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173 Are You Setting Yourself Up To Fail In Dating? – Dating Help With Single Smart Female

why do I suck at dating So you’ve had a LOT of dating experiences but none of them turned out to be successful. What have you been doing wrong and is there a right way to do it?

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  

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How do you become irresistible to him online and offline?
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why do I suck at dating

Why Do I Suck at Dating Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
00:47 – Today’s topic will shed light to the reasons why we sometimes think that dating is not for us
04:45 – We all need to have healthy boundaries when dating. This is the type of man that women with poor boundaries many times end up with
07:31 – There are different ways to be with men and this is what will happen if you start to explore the different possibilities
11:53 – We sometimes think that dating coaches will help us improve our dating lives –especially the male ones, but hear this out
14:47 – As an adored woman, you are the only one who can set you up to win in love.

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Why Do I Suck at Dating