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Do You Think You Are You Good Enough For Him? – Encore Single Smart Female

good enough for himSo you’ve met the perfect man and you think he might be the one. You feel weak in the knees and it takes everything you have to act normal around him, yet you can’t help but wonder “is he too good for me?”

Find out in this new episode of Single Smart Female.  


Important Links and Mentions in this Episode:

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good enough for him

Good Enough for Him Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
01:29 – Today’s topic is something that we women ask ourselves sometimes when we meet someone amazing
05:42 – Our focus needs to change when it comes to dating. Some of us women still think that we need to live up to him, when in fact, this is what we should be thinking.
08:34 – We sometimes sell ourselves too short, which is why we need to start doing this.
13:05 – You need to start doing this if you ever felt that you are not good enough for him
15:46 – The question is never “Am I good enough for him?”. It is always “Is he good enough for me?”.