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Do I Have To Hurt Mens’ Feelings While Mantourage Dating™? – Encore Single Smart Female

hurting mens feelingsLove the idea of Mantourage Dating™? Hate the idea of hurting men?

Find out what you need to know on this episode of Single Smart Female  

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hurting mens feelings

Hurting Men’s Feelings Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
03:45 – Ms Inamorata Down-under is worrying about something that most women already worry about
09:08 – Dating can disenchanting under the wrong circumstances. Sometimes, it’s also good to take a break from it
14:35 – Don’t anchor into the idea of you not being good at dating and relationships because there is a whole wonderful world for adored women like you out there
19:00 – It makes a world of difference when you put yourself first especially in dating
24:46 – Your first romantic responsibility is to your feelings. Your second is to let him be responsible for his.