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So You Screwed Up With Him, Now What? – Encore Single Smart Female

screwed up Things were going mostly great between the two of you until one day when you kind of blew it all up. What can you do to get his attention back on you now that you totally screwed up?

Find out in this new episode of Single Smart Female.  


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screwed up

Screwed Up Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
02:10 – Today’s topic is something that a lot of women ask themselves at least at one point in their lives.
04:02 – Women are emotional, but we should always remember this to have more exciting dating experiences.
06:45 – When you realize how influential you are, and you own your part, that makes you limitlessly powerful; so our advice is this.
08:53 – There’s nothing wrong with being an independent and powerful woman, but always remember this.
11:13 – Apologize when you legitimately need to without groveling. Otherwise, accept you’re human and do better next time.