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Everytime I Tell A Man That I Am Widowed, They Run – Encore Single Smart Female

widow and datingSo you’ve managed the unthinkable. Dating as a widow. But what do you do when men act like being a widow is contagious and they ghost you after finding out?

Find out in this brand new episode of Single Smart Female  

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widow and dating

Widow and Dating Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
01:54 – Here’s a listener question from Ms Open Heart Widow from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
04:42 – Sometimes, the way we perceive men’s opinion towards us reflects our own opinion of ourselves
08:25 – The truth is, a man who really likes you and enjoys your company won’t really care about what your past is, but you should do this first
10:56 – This is something that every woman should remember when we are feeling insecure
12:45 – It’s perfectly okay to unveil yourself to a man little by little. You don’t owe him an open book account of yourself just because he asks.