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Does Dating Suck So Bad You Want To Give Up? – Encore Single Smart Female

dating sucks badDisenchanted with dating? Wondering if you should give it up?

Find out whether or not dating is a good idea for you specifically on this episode of Single Smart Female.  

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dating sucks bad

Dating Sucks Bad Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
01:08 – Today’s topic is something we’ve always thought about doing, without looking at the 360 of things
02:08 – If you’re thinking about giving up dating completely, you may actually want the opposite
03:34 – Dating is in itself a whole endeavor, and it will not always be nice and peachy but you can make it incredible if you understand this
04:48 – If you’re thinking about quitting dating just because you are tired, you should think about this first
06:29 – Whether or not you should give up on dating exclusively depends on whether or not you’re willing to give up all the things that have not been working.