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Can I Find A Spiritually Monogamous Connection? – Encore Single Smart Female

monogamous relationshipIs monogamy natural? And what if the man you really like tells you he doesn’t believe in monogamy?

Find out on this episode of Single Smart Female Podcast.

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  monogamous relationship

Monogamous Relationship Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode: 02:35 – Here is a very interesting question from Ms Lost in Nevada
06:01 – A lot of us think that men have a problem with commitment and being exclusive, but here’s a thought for you
09:41 – This is what happens to polyamorous relationships if one of the members is not 100% into it
13:17 – There is always something bigger out there for us, so don’t forget this
15:48 – Honor the type of relationship you want above what society, science or even he says is reasonable. Reasonable expectations never lead to extraordinary romance.