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223 He Doesn’t Want To Be Exclusive And I Don’t Like Anyone Else – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

all i want is him The beautiful thing about Mantourage Dating™ is that you have finally had options in dating and love. But what if you find someone that you completely click with and he unexpectedly tells you he doesn’t want to be exclusive?

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  

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all i want is him

All I Want is Him Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
02:00 – Our listener question for the day comes all the way from Australia, Ms I Keep Missing the Mark – Topic: When he checks all the boxes and then doesn’t want a relationship.
07:21 – There is nothing wrong with asking him things that you want clarity on (like exclusivity), but you need to ask yourself this FIRST
09:42 – Sometimes we feel like the only way to be happy is to be with a specific man, but you need to remember this
13:10 – If you haven’t tried Mantourage Dating™ or is hesitant to try, the you should listen to this
16:27 – Saying you never meet anyone you like is an insecurity code for “I don’t believe that I would find anyone that likes me as much as I like them.”

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All I Want is Him