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232 He Says I Can Only See Him Or It Won’t Work – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

he says I can only see him What happens if he asks you to date only him, but you still want to test the waters (and the market)? Are you going to lose out by not focusing on him?

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  

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he says I can only see him

He Says I Can Only See Him Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
00:42 – Our listener question for today is from Ms Keeping it Open from Knoxville, Tennessee who is 36 years old
04:08 – If he tells you that you should focus on him, or else it won’t work, here’s what you need to know
07:58 – This is one of the main reasons why women rush into relationships
11:05 – If you feel like you need to settle, then listen to this
12:00 – Mantourage Dating™ works the best when you give up the idea that you will lose someone if you don’t hold on to them with a death grip.

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He Says I Can Only See Him