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He Sort Of Made Me Think I Was The Only One. Is He Wrong For This? – Encore Single Smart Female

am i the only one What happens when you meet a man you REALLY like who makes you feel like you are the only one, WHEN WHAM… you find out that you are not. Do the two of you have a chance at all?

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  

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am i the only one

Am I the Only One Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
00:46 – Our listener question is from Ms I Feel Blindsided of Los Angeles
03:27 – When you have been Mantourage Dating™, but only give time and effort to one person, this is what it is
07:48 – If you expect someone you’re dating to disclose everything to you even if you are not yet exclusive, you need to hear this
10:45 – This is possible when you are Mantourage Dating™, but you need to keep this in mind
12:35 – You are exclusively responsible for the quality of your love life; which means if you accept and act on this truth, you can now create everything you want romantically.

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Am I the Only One