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Are You Too Understanding Of The Man That You Really Like? – Encore Single Smart Female

too understanding of him You can either be the girl who says yes to everything, or the woman who never says yes to anything. Either way, you’re not helping your love life.

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  


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too understanding of him

Too Understanding of Him Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
00:44 – Today’s question is from Ms Go with the Flow of Ohio
02:48 – Here’s something you need to remember if you want a chance of having a healthy relationship
05:07 – There will be conflicts in a relationship, but here’s something you need to remember
08:16 – There is no specific timeframe for when you should move on after a breakup
10:08 – Being either the “only yes girl” or the “never yes girl” are the most unattractive qualities to high quality men. However, being the woman with her own life and opinions who isn’t afraid to share with him and also has no need to eviscerate him for his is a huge part of being loved, cherished and adored on your terms, long term.

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Too Understanding of Him