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311 Was He Asking Me To Be Exclusive? – Dating Advice With Single Smart Female

was he asking me to be exclusive When we women have so much fun in dating, we sometimes lose track of what’s going on. But would you know if he is asking for exclusivity without him being specific?

Find out in this episode of Single Smart Female  

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was he asking me to be exclusive

Was He Asking Me to be Exclusive Show Notes

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:
00:46 – Today’s listener question is from Ms Looking for clues of Salt Lake City, Utah
04:24 – If you feel like he is asking you to be in an exclusive relationship with him, listen to this
07:26 – It is confusing if you don’t know what he is thinking, but you also need to think about this
10:28 – Listen to this if you feel compelled to ask him what his intensions are
13:02 – The best way to know whether or not a man is asking you to be in a relationship is just straight up ask him: “Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?”

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Was He Asking Me to be Exclusive