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After years of dysfunctional relationships & crappy dating experiences I, Jenn Burton, decided to take matters in my own hands. Through personal experience & study, I developed a method to help women create the most magical dating experiences that lead to love.

Here is the thing… I am not your typical Fairy Godmother. I am instead a potty mouthed, straight shooting, real-world-magic-creating Romantic Fairy Godmomma with one hell of gift for helping you unravel everything that is blocking you from having what you want with men.

These days I exclusively work with women like you who want it all: career, success, to be loved- adored-romanced… I will show you how to draw in stable, fun, witty, loving men that you will be insanely attracted to. Magic included, no evil step sisters required.

Are You Going Through A Break-up? Do You Need Help Getting His Attention That Actually Works?

Want STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS on how to get him back?

This is for women experiencing any of the following:

1. If you two broke up and you want him back.
2. If you are in a relationship with a man who suddenly pays little attention to you.
3. If a man disappears on you/goes M.I.A.
4. If a man tells you he’s not looking for anything serious, says he’s too busy for a relationship, or when he needs some “space”

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Make Him Want You Again

Do You Need Help Getting Over Him? Or Can’t Stop Feeling Compulsive Towards A Man Who Isn’t Reciprocating Your Attention?


get over him


Do You Need Help Putting Yourself Out There Again?

E-rresistibility, The Adored Woman’s Step-By-Step Course To Creating An Online Dating Program That Leads To Offline Love & Romance.

Ready to jump into the adventurous waters of online dating, but stuck on what to say in your profile and how online date in a way that won’t make you feel insane? Well let me tell you a little secret… If you want to attract incredible men, then do yourself a favor: create a fascinating profile. Boring, bland profiles attract not only boring, bland men, but also crazies.

Online Dating Sites have the largest pool of smart, successful, attractive available men who are looking for the romantic relationship you want. Unlike bars and social scenes this is not a hit and miss scenario. With online dating sites you can meet men on your schedule.

Putting together a profile that attracts the type of men you want to date takes a very specific and special skill set along with a certain amount of time you may not have to dedicate to this one task. Also regardless of intelligence and writing ability the truth is that most women are not gifted at talking about themselves in a profile.

The good news is that I have madcap magical profile writing skills. Want your Romantic Fairy Godmamma to show you how to put together a that he can’t stop thinking about? Then click HERE to check out and get immediate access to E-rresistibility, The Adored Woman’s Step-By-Step Course To Creating An Online Dating Program That Leads To Offline Love & Romance. Plus I’ll teach you how to use online dating to meet a man to love, adore, and cherish you that you’ll feel the same about.

Ready To Rebuild Your Dating Life From The Ground Up?

The Courage Kit. Make Dating Magical, Find Real Life Love & Romance

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There is nothing like this program that exists elsewhere. Because I built it from scratch and tested it over and over. If you feel like being single isn’t all that it’s cut out to be, then check out The Courage Kit…

From powerful mindset tools and techniques in order to bolster your confidence plus self-esteem to mesmerizingly managing male attention even dating etiquette + strategy, I will teach you how to draw in funny, witty, stable men that you will be insanely attracted to on your terms.

Careful though this is a land where romantic fairytales can come true. Doors are currently closed till 2017. If you need immediate help with your love life I recommend the two online classes above or you can schedule a private appointment with me below. CLICK HERE to get on The Courage Kit waitlist.

Are You The Kind Of Single Woman Who Wants My Undivided Attention On Your Love Life? Have A Specific Situation That Requires Personalized Strategy?

1-1 Private Strategy HourRomantic Fairy Godmother Private Strategy Hour

Currently the doors are closed for my ongoing private support (Romantic Fairy Godmother Private Access Pass) until 2018. BUT if you need more immediate one-on-one Romantic Fairy Godmomma assistance and strategy, I do offer a Private Strategy Hour to help your love life. (Note: Only Thursday Sessions are available between the hours of 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM CST. Once you register for your session, you will be taken to my calendar so you can select the time that works best for you. XO)

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