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Last week I received some excellent questions about The Courage Kit coaching course for which registration will be opening up soon. I decided to share my answers with all of you because these are things you need to know about me before considering taking the course.

Dear Jenn,

Couple of questions:

1. It seems quite difficult to get a Mantourage at this age. How do you get a Mantourage and get them to like you at this age?

First off… thank you for these questions are awesome… So let’s get to it.

Women of any age can have a bevy of pursuers when she understands and embraces the core of her femininity.. her sensual feminine essence.

The problem is that our society throughout the world doesn’t really teach women how to be adored by the men in their lives. Instead the majority of society teaches women “How to be a so-called good woman” and learn how to please a man instead of inspiring men to adore her.

When a woman lives from her sensual feminine essence, owns who she is as a woman,  knows throughout her soul that she can attract men to her at any age, AND understands sweet spot communication with men… well then she can create a Mantourage at anytime she wants regardless of age. The Courage Kit addresses all of those components and gives women the practice that they need to prove to themselves that they can do all of this.

Let me give you an example:

One of my former clients is her 50s had spent a great amount of time telling me about the men she had pursuing her and flirting with her when I asked, “Do you think the pool for dating at your age is really small?”

Immediately she said… “Yes”

“Really, you are going to tell me that even with all the men that are pursuing you and flirting with you that the dating pool is really small?!” (me)

“Well I hadn’t thought about it like that.”

Exactly… the truth is that the dating pool really isn’t that small. Our ideas of romance and dating adventures are actually too small.

This is the key component to being an adored woman:

***Adored women don’t need a man to have an extraordinary life but they sure don’t mind inviting him join in.***
When a woman functions from this place, she will have lots of men attracted to her, regardless if she is 18 or 80.

2. Can any member of Mantourage be gay?

This one gave me the giggles… Yes.. so long as they are not all gay 😉

3. My girlfriend internet dates incessantly and hasn’t had one second date and she hasn’t liked any of the men.  Is this bad luck or is this symptomatic of internet dating itself?

It’s not bad luck… it is a symptom of dating… not necessarily just internet dating… there is something broken in her approach. Also, not being attracted to any men is a symptom of her resistance to love and being adored.

4. Is there a money back guarantee from the love coaching – i.e. no love/marriage – no pay

How I would love to give you a resounding yes to this… but the truth is NO ONE can guarantee you love or marriage, and let me tell you why.

Love is an inside job. Your dating and love life is a direct reflection of how much you believe in your capacity to be loved and adored, NOT A RESULT OF EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

My course is designed to help you bring down the walls that keep you from having everything you want romantically (and have the most incredible time in doing so). For some of that takes a month or too… for others longer.

Your love life is not static. Marriage or love isn’t necessarily the only prize. Having the ability to create it whenever you want in your life is the gift that I want to teach you to have. There are no guarantees in life & love. You could meet the man of your dreams tomorrow and the next day he is killed in an automobile accident. And then what? Does that mean you should shut down for romantic business permanently?

Instead I want you to know that no matter what you can inspire men to adore you, love you, and draw them closer to you when you want. Plus marriage really loses it’s romantic appeal when you see it as the destination instead of part of a magnificent journey.

With that said… I am an open book when it comes to who I want in this course. I am looking for women who are open to creating love through amazing dating adventures. I will bend over backwards and do somersaults for women that are willing to do the work it takes to have what she wants romantically. But there is a difference between a woman that will do the work who is open to amazing possibilities AND a woman who is just half ass going through the motions.

You have to determine whether or not you are the woman willing to do the work with an open heart & mind. For women who are highly concerned with the “Money-Back Guarantee” I actually don’t recommend the course. Why? Because unfortunately being that concerned usually comes with the attitude that I have to prove my methods to  them instead of spending my energy teaching, coaching, and creating romantic adventures. It’s a lose-lose.

Yet I do have a promise:

Here’s my promise: Work through the course, do ALL the homework, come to ALL group coaching calls, and do ALL of the romantic challenges with an open mind & heart and you if still don’t believe it could change your romantic life forever, I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

5. One scenario question concerning the golden rules – Never Chase A Man; Never Get Involved with a Married Man/Man who has girlfriend

Several years ago there was a man at work who eyed me up and came on to me a lot. He was always very suggestive and very attractive so very tempting indeed.  I ignored it and didn’t respond.  However, another girl seduced him, they started an affair, she accidentally got pregnant  and  he left his wife for her.

It seems that her behavior in spite of the rules worked.

Defined worked… she has him now? they have a baby together?

What about all the self-doubt that she most likely has about whether or not he’ll continue to be faithful to her? What about the doubts of whether he is with her because he really loves her or is there for the child?

This is my viewpoint on women who date married men… They do not believe in their capacity to attract and be loved & adored by men who are actually available. It is a symptom of unworthiness. Most of the time these women end up in miserable situations. So playing with fire for the minute possibility of happily ever after seems pretty stupid and demeaning to me.

I also find it to be a betrayal of sisterhood. I dated a married man for about 3 weeks. I chose to believe that when he said he was separated from his wife that it meant he intended to divorce her, not that we were on an island and she was on the mainland arriving soon.

I met her, we hung out and I was gutted. Not because of him, but because I loved her! She is this amazing smart, articulate, funny, brilliant woman. I will  never betray another woman in that way again. To this day (it’s been over 10 years) I feel immense shame about that.

Now I have also worked with women who have been cheated on… and let me tell you, that cheating is usually a symptom of something dysfunctional  within the relationship NOT because he really wants to be with another woman.

Women have to remember that he married her for a reason. Most of the time cheating happens when her light has been dimmed and she is no longer acting like the woman he married. Also more often than not, he is still in talks with her about trying to work it out somehow. Most men that cheat have no real desire to leave their relationship. The moment she turns her light back on, his mistress is usually cast aside. And if she is working with me, I will make sure she turns her light back on.

I WILL NOT coach clients on how to get with a man that is in a relationship with another woman. I now only accept clients who want to detox and move on from a married or taken man.

Finally, I also know through personal experience, the best way to create amazing dating adventures is by understanding that the most important component is your female community. This community is what gives you the backbone and courage to design your love life anyway you want.

Women should stop buying into this nonsense of  male scarcity. Male scarcity only exists for women who are willing to break other women’s hearts by engaging in affaires with a taken man. Adored women on the other hand know that they will attract hot available men if they are willing to go on the adventure. When you play for your sisterhood and learn how to embrace the adventure… love is inevitable. 

Re: Chasing men… adored women don’t have to chase men… but approaching men isn’t chasing either.

Again thank you for awesome questions.

If you are ready to be an adored woman… CLICK HERE





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