... sometimes smart successful single women need a romantic fairy godmomma too.

Success Stories

You know when you are looking for something and you search everywhere and cannot find it. Then one day when you least expected it, you find it in the most unlikely spot. Well that is how my relationship with Mantourage Dating™ started and ended.

Man was I looking, searching, scourging even, to find a man that would adore me, understand me, honour me and at times just a man that would even like me. So I went looking, in bars, clubs, shopping centres, school social events and even joined a dating website. But no matter how much I looked I never ever found what I wanted.

Then one cold rainy Sunday whilst I was searching for a book that could help me I FOUND IT!!, not the man but the solution – and it was Jenn Burton and her Mantourage Dating™ programmes.

You need to know that I was excited by the concept but also so apprehensive at first. I had never been on a date in my 42 years of life and I actually remember stating to Jenn that “Australian men do not take women out on dates”. Jenn made me realise that this adventure was one that I had to take, I needed to change, I needed direction and I SOOO needed Jenn’s method on how to stop looking for him and how to find myself.

The soul searching discovery tour started, and  I can honestly tell you it has changed my life forever.* Mantourage Dating™ so perfectly named, has helped me to develop into a woman that is not only desired by men but I am also desired by many. It has given me the courage to look deep into my soul and tweak it a bit to make it soo much better.

During the journey I have completed the homework with passion, I have joined in the amazing support network of fellow women on the journey and lastly I have had the undeniable support of the amazingly beautiful Jenn Burton.

So if you want to know if the journey was worth it, let me give you some statistics.

Before working with Jenn, I had never been asked out on a date, never been on a date, had only chased men who turned out to be inappropriate for me, never been adored by a man and had never had men buy me drinks. Zero dates with any man.

While working with Jenn,  I made men swerve as they were driving past me, I have had men swoon over me whilst fighting to buy me drinks, I have been on over 15 dates in the last few months, I have been adored, I have been romanced and I have swept of  my feet. Numerous fun dates with a variety of lovely men.

After Mantourage Dating™ my life has exploded with joy and happiness as I can honestly say that the man of my dreams has landed right into my heart. He is everything I asked for and more. He writes me poetry, he takes me places I have never been, loves me unconditionally and has swept me off my feet. 1000 dates with the ultimate perfect for me man.

The irony of it is that I found my Mr. Wonderful whilst I wasn’t looking because I was having too much fun playing on adventures connected to Mantourage Dating™.

Please do not doubt yourself anymore, you deserve this amount of happiness and joy. I dare you, come on take a bet on yourself… learn Mantourage Dating™ the right way with Jenn. 

Love you Jenn

Samantha, Educator, Australia

Dear Jenn,   I honestly can´t even begin to tell you how happy and grateful I am that I have joined your program and received your guidance.  During the journey the man of my dreams landed at my feet, totally unexpected, as sent from heaven. It could´t have happened without the journey I took with you and our wing women and all your knowledge and genius advice.

My man is everything that I´ve ever dreamed of, and more, exactly how you put it and you promised us; that it is possible to have everything we want romantically. I didn´t know and didn´t believe that mister right existed, and that I could be so extremely happy and my natural self with someone. Every single thing I desired in a man and that I wrote down during the last months, that´s what is happening now.

And I am still flabbergasted but mostly grateful because of this, how powerful the Mantourage Dating™ journey is, if you really are committed to it. It´s like it gave me the tools and support to make it possible to tune in with the universe to give me what I desire. While I had always been in unbalanced relationships with men who where not able to commit and with whom I didn´t feel respected and taken care of, now my man adores me, treats me like a real woman, does everything to please me, takes exquisite care of me, shows me 100% commitment, respects and admires me, and keeps sweeping me of my feet by everything he does. I could go on and on, the list is endless.

It is absolutely mind-blowing and beyond my wildest dreams. For the first time in my life I am in a relationship that feels healthy, light, fun, profound, deeply loving and equal. And the best thing of all is that I now feel that I deserve to feel this amount of happiness and joy and that I´m able to receive unconditional love, something that I was not able of before. Another success story to be proud of Jenn.

And the benefits of Mantourage Dating™ are bigger then just this; whereas before I saw men in general as uncaring, egocentric and untrustworthy, I now see them as strong and caring and I feel a deep respect for them, which also influences my relationships with other men in my life.

So, again Jenn, thank you so much for your devotion and commitment  to teach women how to be adored, how to reconnect with their feminine essence and how to find a relationship they truly desire.

Inez, Psychologist, Spain

“Life-changing, Powerful and Creative”

I signed up to work with Jenn because I wanted to know how to change the pattern that I was forming with men. I had gotten divorced about a year ago and had started dating soon after, but from my ex-husband to the men that were showing up since the divorce, they all seemed romantically lazy, unmotivated, and noncommittal. A direct reflection of me! I was tired and I didn’t even know what I wanted with men and romance.

Since taking  her program, I learned who I am romantically, was able to define what I wanted with men, and obtained the tools to make that happen. It’s only been a short while, but my dating life has fired off in a direction I have never been in and it is the most exciting time of my life, by far. I went from attracting lazy and unmotivated men without real jobs to attracting a successful, fun-loving man who insists on doing wonderful things for me – all the time.

One thing I learned about dating is that it can’t be done gracefully if you’re not having fun in your own life with or without him. A women who knows how to have fun on her own and with her girlfriends is a very attractive thing for a guy. And by golly if I don’t say that my girlfriends think I’m the fun-est person to go out with now. The more I started having fun in my own life and with my girlfriends, the more my own social life improved as well.

My favorite part of the program was defining my romantic archetype and seeing how I had covered up so many wonderful aspects of my personality (and my body!) as a defense mechanism to keep men away. The self-discovery – learning who I was romantically in the past and uncovering the romantic genius within – was the key to changing my old pattern. It’s like my ability to talk with men and create the most thrilling love-life were always in me, I just had to find out where and bring it out.

Lacey, Licensed Midwife Apprentice and Doula, U.S.

“Mind-Blowing, Liberating, Super-Fun”

I signed up to work with Jenn because I was intrigued when I saw her advert. It sounded soooooo – WILD ! How to have the dating/romantic adventure of my dreams ! I had kinda given up on this idea – that I had to just settle for what came along.

For me especially – I really attract the kind of man that ends up IGNORING me on so many levels. Jenn’s tagline – GO FROM IGNORED TO ADORED really got my attention.

Immediately, I knew I would love this course. Jenn is warm, lovely, inviting and extremely insightful. She is a fantastic Romantic Fairy Godmomma. She can be tough and straight-talking – challenging – but also I know she’s got my back and wants the best for me. Her insight into me was fabulous – she knows that inside me is a gorgeous woman who deserves to be adored – and she kept coaxing that side of me out – away from all the low expectations and confusing experiences.

I can honestly say now – I have a handle on it. I am attracting SO MUCH more attention from men, I have kicked my old relationship pattern out the back door, and know the SIGNS AND CLUES of how to really draw a man to me. Really amazing. A mind-blowing experience – one which I will always thank Jenn for – especially as she has shown me how to REVIVE my romantic dreams, not bury them.

Through Mantourage Dating™ I finally found the courage to let go of a lover who was treating me really badly – but in a powerful, self-affirming way, without looking back. I am drawing a lot of new men into my life. I can really see the good in men now, see that they want to adore and love me. I see a lot of respect in men’s eyes when they look at me, as well as admiration and attraction! I can see the gift of men, and I know how to shine the gift of who I am too.

I am definitely open to a wider range of experience with men now than ever before. My mind is not closed (as it was before). I have let go off my old defenses and behaviours and have stepped into a new, powerful, exciting phase. I have really evolved in a massive way – past my old outworn behaviours into a new space. I can’t believe I have never properly thought about these things before – Jenn shines the spotlight of consciousness into the dark areas of our female souls – and teases out our answers, setting us free.

Being CONSCIOUS for once about how to treat men, how to speak to them, how to show them how to treat you etc – it’s been like learning a new language – one I wish I’d known years ago! There is a lovely art to being a woman, which is what Jenn teaches – and definitely a special art to being an Adored Woman. Jenn has brought her out being in hiding and has shown me how to allow her to flourish and shine and play in a world of men who want to adore her too. 

Jenn’s field research always had me in stitches – I love how this is about putting it INTO ACTION, not just writing notes in a notebook. She is very mischievous but ultimately so knowing. She knows what we need to do, and gets us out there DOING IT.

I was also particularly grateful to Jenn for helping me get past the old lover* – she really taught me why/how this was not working – got past my confusion – and opened a new door for me to access new experiences.

I have to say Jenn was my favourite part of the program 🙂

Even though this was about dating, it was also about me. I see that I was using men as a way to get validation as I was not properly giving that to myself. Jenn totally encourages us to celebrate and validate ourselves – and in that lies the real power of being an Adored Woman.

I really appreciated that Jenn has taken the time to do her research and look into this topic – her clarity was astounding. I am a smart woman but when it came to men my brains would get scrambled. Jenn has unscrambled me – and given me new eyes to look at the dating landscape. 

There is an interplay between men and women that I was not participating in in a proper way – I was giving and getting the wrong signals. Now I know how to speak to a man properly – using my eyes, my voice, my intention, my playfulness, my intelligence – in a much more appealing way…..in a way where he will REALLY notice me and freely give of his love and devotion as a result.

I honestly think every woman should do herself a favour and do this course. Save all that heartache – and just go straight to the Happy Ever After with Mantourage Dating™!*

Shilpa, Writer/Broadcaster, U.K.

I signed up to work with Jenn because I knew I needed to do something different to bring new men into my life. My dating life was okay, but I wanted it to be stellar.

Mantourage Dating™ changed my life. I have a completely new framework when I look at how I relate to men, and, more importantly, myself. I’m in a fantastic, satisfying, fun relationship with a romantic, stable, smart, sensitive and strong man who has all of my must-haves, plus some bonuses that rock my world.

My favourite part of the program was Jenn’s invaluable input into my own patterns as well as her wisdom and quick witted way of helping me address stuck points in my dating life.

Working with Jenn is fantastic – because she is beyond passionate about her work and she is fully committed to helping women become adored women. I have already recommended this program to multiple single girlfriends, and my advice to them is simple.

3 words: Just. Do. It.

I am not the same person I was before Mantourage Dating™ and the shifts in me attracted the exact kind of man I wanted.* It is as simple as that.

Emily, Therapist, Canada

“Challenging, Provocative, Empowering… and FUN”

I’ve always been a “relationship girl” through and through. The problem was, I didn’t know how to let myself be adored. When I signed up to work with Jenn, I had absolutely no idea that successful dating required very different skills than being in a relationship.

Wow! Did I have a lot to learn. If a man didn’t call right away, I assumed he wasn’t interested and spent hours of my own precious energy crafting my next move. I was working WAY too hard in all the wrong ways.

Mantourage Dating™ has taught me how to stay sane and centered while dealing with the ambiguous world of dating. Rather than feeling on edge all the time, I’ve learned to relax. I now look forward to the times when men reach out, stay upbeat and curious when they disappear, ask for what I want, and let them develop their interest in their own time. It’s way less hard work. I get a lot more attention from men. And when I do, I trust that it’s a genuinely a good thing, rather than fearing it’s just a trick to get me in bed.

Feeling more relaxed about dating has given me lots more energy to pursue the hobbies and work goals that are important to me. Rather than separate the two by necessity, I am learning to weave gracefully back and forth between dating and work commitments.

I also learned a HUGE lesson about girlfriends. I used to leave them in the dust when men would come into my life. Jenn taught me the value of staying connected, using the women around me for support, and keeping my commitments to the women in my life as another way of deeply respecting myself.

Jenn’s care for her clients comes through loud and clear. She goes to bat for you in a way I haven’t experienced before in the realm of relationship help. She’s not afraid to tell you like it is, whether you need a hug and some serious encouragement, or a reality check about your own counterproductive behavior.

I also love that she draws upon her own experiences to boldly teach a new paradigm that’s hard to accept at first. Put your faith in the tools and you won’t be disappointed. Jenn’s approach can powerfully turn the tables on your stubborn resistance to being loved, adored, and having the kind of relationship you most desire.

Thank you Jenn for your commitment to what you do.

LeeAnn Mallorie, MA, CSC, Radical Wellness Lifestyle Coach & Creator of the Guts’n Grace Self-Healing Course for Women

“Enlightening, Exciting, and Rewarding”

If you’re thinking that “maybe” you should try working with Jenn, stop thinking! It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.*

I have a new outlook on dating and men in general! I no longer try to over-analyze every interaction with a man and I don’t stress about not having constant contact.

I’ve applied the same tools learned Mantourage Dating™ the right way to every aspect of my life! I have tools to handle stressful events, I’ve learned how to better set boundaries, and I’ve seen the light on showing appreciation – EVERYONE loves it and I love showing others that they make a difference.

One of my favorite parts of the program was the group of women that were also taking Secret Society at the same time. That community was amazing! BTW, I really really really like the guy I am seeing now, and we are going on our first out of town adventure together next month;)

Lola, Librarian, U.S.

“Love, Effervescence and Chutzpah”

I’ve never had a good romantic history. I’ve been the ‘buddy’, the one who is more one of the guys than the beloved. And of the four guys I dated, one was scary (he told me he loved me on our first date), one was deathly boring, one was a mooch, and the one I married was emotionally abusive.

I was told that there were no Prince Charmings and that I was stupid to want a fairy tale. And despite trying to be realistic, my heart continued to want more than I was getting.

After years of this, I was divorced, lonely, and battling feelings of self-hate and despair.

Then I met Jenn Burton.

She told me that I deserved to have my dreams come true. That I am beautiful, desirable, sexy, smart, and all that is wonderful. That there are men who want to be part of my life. That I can be adored, feted, celebrated, cherished and respected. And after taking The Courage Kit – I believe it!*

Eight weeks later, I have: made friends with some of the most remarkable women from all over the world (really!), fallen in love with myself, strengthened my relationships with my co-workers and improved my ability to converse with my boss,went on my first date in FOUR YEARS, and am attracting more men than I have my entire dating life until now!

I no longer hear a litany of “too fat, too old, too ugly, too powerless, too stupid…” going on in my head. I have so much more confidence than I have ever had. My friends have even told me how happy they are that I have taken The Courage Kit, because they have been watching me bloom over the past eight weeks. They tell me how excited they are for my future, how impressed they are of my chutzpah to take this course, and how proud they are of how far I have come.

What has made the most difference with The Courage Kit is the overwhelming amount of loving, individualized support not only from Jenn, but from my classmates! I’ve received comments that have left me breathless and giggling, advice that slapped me upside the head and made me pay attention, and so much encouragement to face my biggest fears down like a cowboy winning a draw. And I am so grateful for all of it.

Three words that best sum up my TCK experience are: Love (which I felt in abundance), Effervescence (which I also felt as everything began to fall into place), and Chutzpah (which I gained as I tore up my old, false beliefs and gained new wisdom).

If you are hesitating to take this class, can I tell you something? As a woman, your romantic life is really important. It is a source of confidence, energy, and peace. And if you are spending your energy on men who do nothing but take, or on men who hurt you, or on stifling any desire to date at all, it is impacting ALL of your life, and you are robbing the world of your best self.
This isn’t silly. This isn’t selfish. This isn’t immoral. This is life-affirming. And yes, you DO deserve it.

Elizabeth, Non-Profit, U.S.

“I have a super healthy, fun, exciting relationship with a guy that adores me and that I absolutely adore!!!”

UPDATE: Olivia got married and had another kiddo!

Olivia O., Sales Savant, U.S.

“Personal Resistance Training.”

You are the one holding yourself back, only you don’t know it until you put on your big girl panties and put yourself out there. Courage is the game here and if you want what you’ve secretly been wondering is missing, it’s your turn to go get it.

I signed up for this course because I wasn’t dating anyone and I wanted to completely transform that feeling like I had been on the sidelines of others happiness. I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever date again or if there was something stamped on my forehead that blinked like a warning sign saying, don’t date her! Too much!

You see this picture? Someone took this picture of me, I use it all over the Internet now. With this course, my life changed and this isn’t just my mug, it’s me, out there and making my dreams come true. You know why? Because there weren’t any pictures of me, except ones with silly cats on them or me wearing a mask or maybe just the back of my head. Seriously.

You want to talk shy, unhappy… that was me. Too shy and scared, resistant to creating the life I wanted. This course isn’t some rules to follow, list making, do this and you’ll get that course.This course is the type that pushes you when it’s safe too and a course that nurtures you when you need it.

I actually completely changed my life over the course of this workshop. I moved, changed careers and started following my dreams and guess what, the wonderful things in life started to come along with it.

It’s something fiercely awesome to work with Jenn. She is a Romantic Fairy Godmomma; she’s there when your up and when your down and she never let’s you give in. I am honored to have worked with her.

Leah, User Experience Expert, U.S.

“Confidence, Sexy, Fun”

I had become complacent in regards to dating.

I just don’t have time,
it is too much trouble,
I am doing ok by myself,
I just have too much going on to add dating to the picture, etc…

Since working with Jenn I am actually going out on dates and having a great time. I am clearer on what I want and I actually like being adored.

My relationships with friends, family, and men have all improved. I have learned how to ask for what I want and how to be more authentic in my communications.

One of my favorite parts of the community was being able to share my experiences and hearing about all of the other women’s as well.  It really broadened the knowledge and coaching I received during the course.

Jenn is a great Romantic Fairy Godmomma.  She is very straight forward and truly cares about all of us.  She is very compassionate and encouraging.

Erin H., Owner Calla Clinic, Owner Structure For Life, & Bio Structural Therapist

“I know now that the love is sooooo worth the risk!!!”

I’m an over thinker and was concerned with what exactly Jenn knew that would help me in my dating life.  I wanted her credentials, and then realized her most important credential was her life, the life she’s lived and is living, as well as her desire to see us, as women, succeed in living our lives.  Yes, she’s gone to seminars and classes as both a educator and a student, so she has the knowledge, but she has so much more than the knowledge she’s gained from that.

A BIG hesitation for me was, “will I still be able to remain true to who I am and learn from working with Jenn”?  The answer is yes, I did and you can too.

Although Jenn will ask you to stretch, she doesn’t want you to be who she thinks you should be or do the things she thinks you should do, she tells you those things, explains to you why it’s important for you to do them and why they work, but allows you to figure out how to implement them into your life and who your true self is. She definitely got me to do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise, but none of those things in the end changed who I am on the inside. I am a happier person today and it’s because of the things I learned through her teachings.*

I became more open to the possibility of romantic love without the horrible fear of loss, being vulnerable, and being hurt. I know now that the love is sooooo worth the risk. For the first time, I was open enough and fearless enough to being set up and then dating my current boyfriend who has enhanced my life and consistently shows me what love is.  I use the skills Jenn taught me still in this relationship, beyond just the emotional change I needed to get in it in the beginning.

I would not be in my relationship had it not been for The Secret Society Of Adored Women and Jenn’s direction! (Cynthia got married!!!) I would not have been open to being set up or giving him a chance to get to know me and vice versa.  I’m sure “the old me when it came to men and dating” would’ve found or invented things about him that drove me away, but since I was no longer in a place where I’d try to sabotage a relationship for fear of being hurt, I did not do that and now know that he is an amazing person.

Working with Jenn you have nothing to lose and lots to gain. I was not someone who was unhappy with the life I was living before.  In fact I was extremely happy with my life.  I wasn’t the girl who was dying to be in a relationship and get married – I was ok with that happening and I was ok with that not happening.  Jenn helped me to realize the things that were making me closed off to relationships and/or abrasive toward men who were interested and to make some changes in my life to open it to the possibility of a healthy relationship.

Just do it!  Jump right in, and if you’re going to do it, don’t give up mid-way through.  Stick it out and you will reap the rewards!

Cynthia S., Attorney, U.S.

“Just close your eyes and jump in, it’s worth it.*”

I was hesitant about the Secret Society Of Adored Women because I thought it would be too kitch for me. As a result I now go for what I want in life. I put attention and energy towards thought out true desires instead of passing whims even though they may be more difficult to attain.

As for dating I have had the best time in the world dating and learned a lot about myself in the process. And yes now I have the most wonderful fiancé in the world and I couldn’t be happier! I would recommend Jenn’s programs for the confidence boost alone; it rewires the way you view yourself which in turn changes your interactions for the better.

Hayley, Fashion Merchandising/ Dancer/ Choreographer/ Dance & Yoga Teacher, U.S.

“I learned the hard way more than once that Jenn’s rules are the best dating guidelines I’ve ever come across and believe me, I’ve read a lot.”

Though I had no reservations about being coached, I did however have reservations about dating. I was highly resistant to the idea that dating itself could be fun and that dating more than one person at a time was not only ok to do but would be enjoyable. Luckily, after a little persuading from Jenn, I got over my reservations and had the most amazing time enjoying dating.

When I met Jenn I was once again in limbo with a rocky relationship I had been in for about 4 years. I truly thought that I would never even be attracted to another man. I didn’t want to date other men, even though I was single for fear that I would lose the man I was in love with (despite our less than gratifying relationship). After my experience working with Jenn, my entire world changed. Literally.

I learned to enjoy dating. I learned to appreciate every man in my life for the things that he is and not get entangled in the things he isn’t. I learned how to take care of me so that I would be taken care of. I learned the hard way more than once that Jenn’s rules are the best dating guidelines I’ve ever come across and believe me, I’ve read a lot.

I had so much fun dating other men, I learned to enjoy the time I did spend with my ex and I was amazed at how when I opened up to the possibility that there was possibly another man that I would be attracted to, I found many!

Eventually after a brief reuniting with my ex, we parted ways. Though it was painful to end the relationship, the new confidence I had that I would definitely once again enjoy being single was so reassuring. Because I worked through the fear of dating once before, this time when the relationship ended I knew that when the time was right, I would excitedly embrace dating again.

Well guess what, shortly afterwards I met an amazing guy that I have been with for 5 months… I knew I would! Thanks Jenn 🙂

I love the tools for inspiring a guy to tweak his behaviors and the tools to not let his behaviors drive you crazy. I’ve always been a believer that you can’t bitch a guy into doing what you would like him to. Nor is acting crazy going to turn him into the man of your dreams. Jenn’s tools are an effective and non confrontational alternative to doing the same things and getting better results.

I would recommend Jenn to every woman. I not only enjoy dating more but men enjoyed dating me more. I would imagine it’s a refreshing change to date a girl who knows how to not only handle herself but who subtly knows how to handle him too.

Katt, President of Operations and Director of Marketing, U.S.

“My experience with The Secret Society Of Adored Women and working with Jenn was more than enlightening, it was life changing!”

I walked in to the first class with a “chip” on my shoulder regarding relationships and myself. Jenn helped me realize that I was capable of having anything that I want in dating, and more importantly, in my life.* I was able to prioritize what was important in my life and I started achieving my goals. We quickly removed the “divorced” title, and changed it to SINGLE. To some, that may not mean a lot, but to me it helped my start the process of moving forward! From learning how to truly accept a compliment with a smile, to enjoying every moment of my dating experiences, I became more secure in not only knowing what I want, but getting the most out of every experience as well. I can now see the good in all: men, work, family and me.

I can’t thank Jenn enough for the fire that she has helped relight in myself. It was always there, I just let it smolder for a while. Overall the experience is a lot like getting that new pair of shoes that you have been wanting for a long time. I slip them on every single day, and step out with a smile on my face!

Update: Erin got married and had another kiddo!

Erin, PR Director, U.S.

“Sexy, Humorous, Adventurous”

I signed up to work with Jenn to help me with my dating adventures. I had only recently started dating after a divorce from a marriage of 20+ years so I needed some direction and advice. I’ve never had an issue with getting male attention but I needed guidance on how to manage the attention.

I knew that Jenn was a force to be reckoned with just from reading her bio and learning about her program. Working with her was even better than I had imagined.* She helped me realize some things that were already there within me but was not able to express.

I loved sharing and reading the experiences of the women in this program. The different experiences have opened my eyes to different scenarios of our romantic trials and tribulations. It gave me great clarity on how not just men and women but also individually we perceive things so differently.

As a result of the program, I am more aware of what I want in my dating life. I am now able to steer away negative attention and behavior from men. I am getting positive attention from men who want to adore me and treat me the way I deserve.*

The results have impacted me to be able to come out of my shell and reach for what I want and desire with men and with everything else in life.

Jin, Art Consultant, U.S.

“Educational, Interesting, Motivational”

Working with Jenn is so super easy. It’s like chatting with a sister who knows the ropes and wants to share. Jenn wants you to succeed and she’ll walk you right along the way. Her knowledge is jaw dropping!

Picking a favorite part would be difficult, but I think I would pick the part of Understanding Men. Once those fundamentals were laid out in clear English I saw proof of them being true all over the place. What an eye opener and a sweet advantage to have in communicating with men.

I am so grateful that I took this course. I did feel resistance to the change but I won’t even look back to my old ways. If you are on the fence, consider this your nudge, you won’t regret it.

Lori, Office Manager, U.S.

“Different – Empowering – Practical”

Jenn is smart, attentive & present. She has a LOT of experience and I was always impressed by her advice and logic to respond to a situation.

This is a very different & unique program. Everyone in this program will learn a lot and get transformed. It is a great support system to try things you did not know you were capable of. It will boost your confidence & seductive power in a very beautiful way and you will also learn with assurance & certainty what you really want of a relationship.

I loved sharing my dating life with a close group of sisters and the wonderful Jenn Burton. I also loved witnessing the development and transformation of other women in the group. I learned a lot from them all!

I met my boyfriend 1 exact week after I started her program. Yep! 1 week! We have now been together for almost 10 months. He is coming to France next month (my native country) to meet my family. I met his, 4 months after we started to date. He is not prince charming, because I learned that Prince Perfect Charming is a fantasy,  but he is ALL that I ever hope and more!

I do believe in the power of attraction and the power of letting go. I think by just signing up for her program, I said a big YES. I was very open to find someone and I had let go at the same time. I did not have expectations and stress around it. I was open to meet men without fear and attachment. Looking back, I really think this is how and why we met.

I really liked him right away, and as I get attached to him, stress around failure came back. Mantourage Dating™ was a wonderful tool to have, all along those first months of my new dating life. I wish all young girls would be taught on how to become a seductive, confident, courageous, vulnerable, strong & irresistible woman in this world, despite their experiences, their heart brakes, their parents stories etc. I wish my mum would have told me to be so.

I feel Mantourage Dating™ gave me some concretes tools to use, some rules to follow that will guarantee and set the perfect settings for a successful relationship.

UPDATE: Alexandra is married and had a kiddo!

Alexandra L., France.

“Transformative, Enlightening, Fun.”

I was at a ‘do or die’ point where I recognized something had to shift in my love life but I didn’t know what, and I knew I really needed some help but I didn’t know what that would look like either.  I came across Jenn’s programs at exactly that point and I promptly signed up.

In the past I picked up a few self help books on dating and/or men that I put straight down again and couldn’t read because they didn’t make me feel good about men. But with Jenn’s course a topic that has been heavy for me turned into fun, made me feel good about both myself and men, and has taught me so much in the process.

I now have greater self confidence and self awareness; making my interactions with men fun, and learning to see men from a place of abundance rather than lack.

Oh I loved the entire program, I think the areas that had the biggest ‘immediate’ impact on me (penny drop moments) were learning about romantic archetypes (in respect of understanding myself) and eye contact. As I am based in a completely different country, different time zone, and sometimes work long hours the virtual nature of the course suited me perfectly as I could listen and re-listen to the audios at times that worked for me.

But if that wasn’t enough, Jenn’s lovely personal touch that made me feel like it wasn’t a virtual course at all but as if I was attending in person, in the same country and time zone.  The way it was set up was just perfect for me, so thank you, Jenn. I’ve learned so much- it has opened a whole new world for me.*”

Katie, HR Manager, U.K.

“I love the way Jenn’s programmes are structured, easy to follow and the intensity feels just right to stick with the lessons, the homework and the practice. Jenn, you have a great voice, tender and firm and you don’t allow us to descend into a pity-bath, but take responsibility for our part in the creation and lives of our relationships. I feel I could share anything with you, and know I will be received with wisdom, honesty and sensitivity. You are the best thing about this course.”

Julia, Psychologist, U.K.

“The Secret Society Of Adored Women is so much more than I expected.”

Jenn Burton’s course materials, audios, and group consulting calls are helping to build a foundation in my life that I do not know that I would have found anywhere else. It is amazing how the tools and techniques of this course are activating a part of me that I lost somewhere or either never had!

Along with the emotional support and friendship that is taking place with my class mates, I feel so loved and this is a safe place where I can be me. It motivates me daily and I will definitely refer back to all my lessons and advice from the program for a long time – Until it is second nature to me! I am having a great time ! ♥

The BEST part of the course so far?? I love how Jenn challenges me daily and give continuous feedback! I can’t wait to go out this weekend and use the tools I have been learning!!!

Lori, Paralegal, U.S.