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#FairyDustTV Episode 12, Troubleshoot Online Dating Profile / Experience With This

Having trouble with online dating? Not getting the experience or results you want? Here’s why Lovergirl:


#FairyDustTV Video Transcript:

How To Troubleshoot Your Online Dating Profile / Experience

But before we get started, I want you to know that hands down, I think online dating is the best place to meet funny, attractive, intelligent, stable, single men that you will be insanely attracted to. It is the place where most of these men roam. Even during the times when everybody is on vacation, everybody is on holiday, or everybody is on break, these men are still online and they have raised their hands to say: “You know what? I’m interested in dating, so let’s get to know each other”.

However, there are things you can do that can seriously spoil your chances of having magical dating experiences when you use online dating and I’m going to give you three of those top ways today.

No. 1 You’re not standing out from the thousands of other women in your area

One way to spoil your experience is when you don’t stand out from the thousands of other women in your area.

What do I mean by that?
Episode 12 BLOG IMAGE How To Troubleshoot Your Online Dating Profile %2F ExperienceThat means that for some reason, you have a bland and boring profile. It can be because of your profile itself or the photos
that you post. Now, lots of women come to me saying: “Jenn, I think my pictures are okay, I think my profile is okay”. I can guarantee you, if you’re having a really shitty experience with online dating, one of those two things is not okay.

The fantastic thing about online dating is that this is where you stand out. This is your opportunity to showcase your intelligence along with your beauty, because if you want to meet quality men online, you need to showcase both.


You can’t just rely on one or the other.

Many women are so afraid of putting themselves out there that they don’t do well on either the pictures or the profile. Though this is also a very very easy solution.


Online dating can be the start of a magical dating experience for you but you have to be willing to put some effort into your profile and pictures. Now, if you are not willing to do that then there’s nothing I can help you with because this is where it all starts.

This is the foundation for creating an amazing time online, but ONLY if you are willing to do something about it.

So what I want you to do is go to my website: Sign up for the first two chapters –you can get them for FREE.

My online dating program will walk you step-by-step to creating the most mesmerizing online dating profile and using the right pictures that will make you stand out from the thousands of other women that are on online dating.

However, like I said, if you’re not willing to do something differently with your profile and pictures then there’s nothing much I can do to help. If you are willing, on the other hand, then you’re going to start stimulating the imagination of the great guys –-the intelligent men, the ones who are worth talking to and worth going out on dates with.


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Episode 12 - PINTEREST How To Troubleshoot Your Online Dating Profile %2F Experience 2No. 2 Consider The Site You Are On

There are lots of smart, successful, professional, intelligent women that come to me and they’re on sites like ‘Plenty of Fish’. I know you can meet men on POF, but this is your love life we’re talking about.

Don’t go cheap on your love life.

You don’t go cheap on plastic surgery and/or other enhancements. Why would you go cheap on your love life? This is just as important as using the top tools possible and hiring the best people possible to do the really important things in your life.

There are places where you don’t go cheap and this is one of them. Do not go cheap on your love life because you’re just hanging out with the guys that want to go cheap too. Then you wonder: “Oh he never wants to do anything, he doesn’t want to take me anywhere”. He thinks that you’re easy –well not easy or he thinks that you’re low maintenance. BTW, I used to think that being low maintenance made me more attractive.

It doesn’t.

I’m not saying you have to appear to be a gold digger. Don’t send out the message that there is no need to woo you; there’s no need to court you, no need to adore you because it’s just easy, you’re just looking for whoever comes by.

I’ve seen this happen with all kinds of women. For the most part, I’m talking about Plenty of Fish. I’m sure there’s a lot of others, but if you’re going to do something, do right by your love life,

make sure you invest in a good site.

My favorite site is the one that I use almost exclusively with my private clients. I recommend —E-Harmony. E-Harmony not only costs a little bit more, it attracts men who are willing to pay for a service to find higher quality women and that’s the real key here.

You want a man that doesn’t want to go cheap on his love life either right?

That’s extremely important, so I am going to send you an email on how to get the best price on e-Harmony, along with tips for a better eHarmony experience.

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The pace of dating these days has gone exponentially insane. Women are frustrated as hell because all guys want to do is meet up for coffee. This is happening for two reasons:

  1. Women are on dating sites that expedite that process like Tinder .
  2. Women don’t use sites like E-Harmony in order to allow men to woo them online first. Only then should women take it offline after building a good foundation. Everybody is so obsessed with ascertaining chemistry as quickly as possible.

Let me let you in on a little secret, chemistry is malleable. Which means you might think that somebody looks amazing online and they seemed kind of okay personality-wise, but then you meet them in person and it’s completely off.

However, the flip side of that happens quite a bit:

You can meet somebody that you think is just okay.

You can start communicating with them and then (oh my god) he opens up in a way to you that knocks you off your feet and blows you away mentally.

Long term romance is based on two things:

  1. Your ability to play together and
  2. Your ability to be mentally stimulated by each other.

You can ascertain this type of chemistry so much better by using online dating, so don’t be afraid of taking some time online to get to know them.

It makes so much more sense that you spend the time getting to know them so you can determine whether or not it’s a good idea to meet them offline.

Bonus: you’ve already formed a connection –a very special connection –if you’ve done it the right way (which I can help you with in  E-rresistibility).

I want women to quit rushing. Who cares if guys says he wants to meet you for coffee? It is okay to definitely say: “You know what I’m not quite comfortable with that yet, I’d like to get to know you a little bit better first.”

Then if he keeps persisting just say: “Okay I understand.”, and then just let him go.

You should not be pressured into meeting somebody before you’re ready and you should take the time to get to know somebody a bit first. Trust me, real men don’t have a problem with you taking some time to get to know them online first.

Episode 12 - PINTEREST How To Troubleshoot Your Online Dating Profile %2F Experience 1Any guy that keeps pressuring you is not worth your time.

You should let go of him because he will be a world of trouble in lots of different ways –impatience being one of them.

This is your love life we’re talking about, so don’t be impatient either. It will happen a lot faster than you ever expected when you give your love life permission to run and unfold in it’s own time. Stick to the moment.


I started online dating and in October of 2006 and by November I went on my first date with my husband. On May of 2007, he asked me to marry him, to move in with him, to have his child and to spend the rest of my life with him.

It happens faster than you think when you give it time to unravel. Most women get so incredibly frustrated trying to rush it. I allowed it to just unravel, unveil itself, and surprise me daily. That’s why it was so magical and really amazing when all those things came into being. It wasn’t forced or rushed.

Let’s recap the three things you need to look at if you’re online dating experience is not working out the way you want:

  1. Check out your pics and profile. You need to stand out from the thousands of other women in your area but in the right way, not just the physical way. It’s got to be the full package, because you are the full package. It’s time for you to showcase that and I can help you showcase that with
  2. Don’t go cheap on your website, girl. Invest a little bit more money. Click the link HERE so I can give you some tips on how to not go cheap but get a great deal on E-Harmony (my favorite site).
  3. Let the man woo you first online. Stop being impatient. You don’t have to rush out to a coffee date. You don’t have to meet a million guys to try to ascertain chemistry. You can take a few special men, engage with them online and then start dating them. Create your mantourage, and everything can happen as it is supposed to happen. Because now you’re giving your love life permission to unfold and become magical for you.

Lovergirl, I believe in you.
You can do this.
You can figure this out.

Online dating is still my favorite way to date for all of my clients all over the world.

Lots of love.



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