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#FairyDustTV Episode 26, Should I Tell Him I Like Him?

It’s nerve-racking to wonder whether a man we like likes us back. But it’s even more nerve-racking to decide whether we should tell him how we feel.


 #FairyDustTV Video Transcript:

Should I Tell Him I Like Him?

…or even better: Should you tell him that you like him?

Today’s episode is the shortest of all FairyDustTV’s yet; but a very powerful message for you to take into your beautiful brain and incorporate into your romantic endeavors.

The answer to this question: “Should I tell him I like him?” is (insert drumroll)

YES, absolutely;

Should I Tell Him I Like Himbut there’s a caveat…

Do this only if you can handle that he may not feel the same way about you in this moment.

Note that men can change their minds about you as they spend more time with you. Feelings always have the potential to change when a man really enjoys being around you.

This has happened to me several times.

Maybe a guy wasn’t physically interested in me from the get-go, but as he spent time with me, he enjoyed being around me.

Then all of a sudden: “She really is kinda cute” followed by “Wow, She’s hot”.

All of that can evolve. But you’re not allowed to tell him that you like him if you’re going to have a romantic emotional meltdown from it. This means you shut down your options to all other men because he said that he wasn’t interested at this moment.

You can, however, tell him if you have no problem with that.

There’s also a second way to approach this scenario, that I think is more “user-friendly” for most women.

At bare minimum, a man needs to know that you have interest in him or that you enjoy being around him.

How do you convey that?

You convey that through playful banter, through flirting –and flirting doesn’t always have to be sexual, but it can be; or genuine enthusiasm when you see him.

I’m not talking fake enthusiasm.

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You can tell when somebody genuinely likes to be around you so I want to make sure that you’re not closing down just because this guy that you find really attractive and really like comes around you.

I want you to let him know because here’s a little known secret:

most men aren’t used to being hit on.

Should I Tell Him I Like HimEven the hottest of guys. They’re not used to being hit on all the time.

We have a lot of misconceived notions about what men think or what men know and they’re just as nervous as we are about this whole dating thing. Also, they deal with a lot more rejection than we do in dating.

If I had to pick a side, I’d pick being female over dating as a man. So ladies, please cut guys some slack.

Plus your dating life will go so much better if you feel uninhibited when it comes to expressing genuine interest in a guy. Men are drawn to women that like being around them.

Let loose okay?

Expressing interest in a guy says nothing about you. It says nothing negative about you except that you genuinely enjoy his company, and that’s sexy.

Okay LovergirI, the answer to your question: “Should I tell him I like him?”

The answer YES, or you can show him that you‘re generally interested through other means.

That’s what I got for you today. I’ll see you next episode of #FairyDustTV




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Should I Tell Him I Like Him