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#FairyDustTV Episode 28, Jenn, When I Will Find Love?


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When Will I Find Love?

Before we dive into today’s topic, I would like to share with you my dating timeline to meeting the love of my life.


Because I want to show you what the possibilities are.

September of 2006: I started dating and doing what I call Mantourage Dating;
November of 2006: I had met the love of my life –my now husband.
March of 2007: we were in an exclusive relationship.
May of 2007: he had asked me to marry him, to have his child, and to move in with him.

This is all coming from a guy who had never had a relationship longer than three months!

Furthermore, he had never told a woman he loved her and had never taken a woman to meet his family. It was pretty remarkable.

Things can move so fast. But unfortunately, if you are here for me to tell you exactly what day you are going to meet the love of your life, you are in for a big disappointment.

I can, however, tell you what you need to do to help expedite the process in a way that keeps your integrity with the universe and the laws of love.

Let’s get started


No. 1 Open your heart to the possibilities of romance

Now, exactly what do I mean by that?

I mean that when most women come to me they have a very specific idea of what they find attractive in a man. For some women, it’s certain cultural background, say Latino or African-American. They also have very specific guidelines of attraction. He has to be tall and ripped. He has to be this or that, he has to have this eye color and all these very specific things about him.

The first thing you need to do if you truly want to find love without settling is cast all of that aside and say: “You know what? Hey, I’m here, I want to see what happens.”

Allow yourself to invite other types of men into your life.

(This is so much fun but so many women are very scared to do it.)

The second piece of this step is to start Mantourage Dating™. What is Mantourage Dating™?

Mantourage Dating™, is dating more than one man at a time until you find your forever man.

I used to be the woman that would date one guy for several months and just pray that it would work out and turn into something. When it didn’t, I would be heartbroken for months on end and then I’d start the whole cycle over again.

This is the most ineffective and un-fun way to date ever!

I want you to cast the way you used to date aside and adopt Mantourage Dating™. Not only are you opening up to the possibilities of dating different types of men, you’re opening yourself up to the possibilities of more than one man until you find your forever man.

Now hold on, I know what happens when I tell women this for the first time:

“But Jenn this, but Jenn that!”

Before you let yourself go there, I have a Mantourage Dating FAQ PDF for you below that I want you to check out. It is gonna answer all of those questions that popped into your head.

Before you discount what could be the most magical time in your life, creating romance that you’ve never created before, you need to go over these Mantourage Dating FAQ’s, because otherwise, you could push something out of your life that could have changed it forever.

WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO with Mantourage Dating™? Click HERE and Jenn will send you her Mantourage Dating Basics with FAQs



I am not kidding you when I say change it forever.

It changed mine and it has changed women’s from around the world. It is something that you need to consider right now especially if you want to find love, true love.

No. 2 Break down your walls

What do I mean by walls?

We women spend a lot of time saying what we don’t want and what we don’t need, what we aren’t willing to do. We build these walls all the way around us to protect us from heartbreak.

How do you do this?

One way you can do this by not being proactive in your love life.

You might be a busy woman who lets your career get in front of your love life all the time. Which means you never date.
You can pretend to be super hard when you’re not and I know you, I know you ladies!

You have this big game going, there’s a lot of like I mentioned earlier: “I won’t tolerate this.” and “I won’t tolerate that.” and you’re really harsh on men. Way too harsh on guys that you don’t like.

But then, the guy that you do like, that guy that make you feel something below the belt that you haven’t felt in years, all of a sudden comes around and instead of walls, you have no boundaries.

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Before we move to number three, I want to talk about something I’ve been hearing a lot lately and it’s heart breaking…

Ladies that are sleeping with lots of guys like it’s absolutely nothing, I’m calling BS on you. Not because I don’t believe in your right to sleep with whomever you want, I have no problem with that. I am calling BS because I don’t think that you are truly that emotionally disconnected.

I know that you’ve built a wall around you emotionally and then you go out and you’re using sex as a tool. At some point, that is going to come around and bite you in the ass. I’m sorry to say but I want you to hear it, so hopefully you can stop and you can reconsider how you are approaching dating so it doesn’t emotionally devastate you later. Because it will.

You don’t have to pretend to be hard to have an amazing love life. I can help you create an amazing love life, so keep reading


No. 3 Put up good boundaries

A lot of women come to me who have really high walls that we were just talking about.

BUT once they meet that guy (the one that makes them feel something below the belt that they haven’t felt in years), then all of a sudden have no boundaries. No personal boundaries, no sexual boundaries –no boundaries at all and because they’re so afraid of not feeling this way with another man again in their life, they don’t honor everything that they want to honor about themselves.

They let him get away with murder.

They violate their sexual boundaries. They sleep with him before they’re really ready because they’re afraid they’re going to lose him if they don’t. OR they let him get away with calling whenever he wants and allowing him to dictate everywhere they’re going and everything they’re doing.

There’s numerous things that women do which don’t truly honor themselves. When you put good boundaries in place instead of walls love come running towards you. Below is a link to a class I teach on boundaries that you need to listen to. Boundaries are sexy.

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Men do not stay with women who don’t have boundaries, without having horrible relationships. Personal boundaries are so very sexy, so irresistible, and if you want a great guy, you have to have them. Being the woman that lets him walk all over her is not going to get him long term. At least not for any mentally healthy guy.


No. 4 Allow dating be fun again

This can be achieved in so many ways. Dating does not have to be a chore. Your dating experiences can be like mine which were fantastic; so fantastic that I had to really think about whether or not I wanted to be in an exclusive relationship. Yours can be even more magical, which is what I help women do all around the world.

It’s not as hard as you think. It’s about being playful, creative with sweet-spot communication with men, combining that with your good boundaries, and opening up your options.

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When you let dating be fun again, you’ll be amazed –truly amazed, like I was, at how fast things can happen for you romantically and yes, you will find love everywhere.

You will have several options in love.

This can be a pick your own love adventure. You can have: “Wow I can follow this path of love with this man.” or “I can follow this path of love.” and it’s so much better than just accepting whatever comes your way.

Remember that “Oh let me date a guy for a little bit, let’s see if it works out.”, when it doesn’t work out, “Okay let’s be devastated for several months.” and then “Oh shit, let’s do it again.”

That’s insane, you don’t have to do it anymore.

Again, I can’t tell you exactly what date or what time this is all going to happen for you but I do know if you take note of all of these guidelines and implement them in your romantic life, you are going to be amazed at how fast things can happen.

You’ll be so amazed that you’re going to have to catch your breath. (Don’t let that scare you, it’s way too much fun to miss.)

I know that this is your year for love. All you have to do is put yourself in the right place emotionally, physically, and boundary-wise + let this be fun again.



BONUS: Click HERE to get FREE ACCESS to the first two chapters of my step-by-step video course E-rresistibility to create an online dating profile that leads to offline romance.