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#FairyDustTV Episode 31, Make Him Want You

Is it difficult to make him want you? Not really, but you must know what you are doing. Let me show you how.

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#FairyDustTV Video Transcript:

Make Him Want You

I have mastered the science of making him want you. And on today’s episode I am going to unveil the secrets to you my pretty. (she says in her witchiest of witchy voices)

Before we get started on today’s topic, let me confess to you:

I, Jenn Burton, am a total bonafide dork.

BUT I have a very seductive power with men. This is something that I discovered for the first time in 2006 during my magical dating experiences that led me to the love of my life.

Why did I mention this?

This is something that I want you to experience too.

You don’t have to be picture perfect or have the most seductive voice, have the most seductive glance, have the most seductive anything in order for you to tap into this irresistible power.

I’m not joking.

This shit is intoxicating and you do need to experience it. I know we’re all scared of it: really owning our seductive power with men.

We’re terrified of it!

But you don’t have to be. I am going to share with you three different ways you can tap into this power with men and make him want you at the same time.

No. 1, Don’t pretend to want something that you don’t want.

There is a lot of shit ass dating advice out there. Things like pretend that you don’t want a relationship and that you’re not looking for anything serious — all kinds of candy coated crap. I don’t want you to do it anymore.

During my magical dating experiences back in 2006, I was dating a handful of guys one of which was a much younger guy. I was doing all kinds of romantic research asking these guys different questions. Specifically, I wanted to know why this younger guy is so interested in me since we had such a large age gap. (BTW, we weren’t sleeping together, not once. In fact he was taking me on super awesome dates without having kissed him ever!)

The first thing he told me: “You’re so sexy and from what I found is that older women know what they want”. Let me repeat that; he said: “Older women know what they want”.

The truth is that most of us have no clue what we want half the time. But he got this impression because as we age we can become more comfortable with who we are and what we want if we allow ourselves to be.

I work with women from all around the world who are typically in their 30s and up. A lot of them still haven’t decided what they want exactly.

So I want to make it very clear that you should not shy away from saying what you really want anymore nor EVER pretend to want something that you don’t.

If you don’t want a sexually casual relationship, then don’t participate in a sexually casual relationship anymore. Don’t do that.

If a man asks you what you’re looking for, tell him I would like to be married, if that’s what you want. If you don’t know, it’s okay to say that you don’t know. So yes, it’s very sexy when you know what you want but if you don’t know, all you have to do is be okay with the fact that you don’t know. Just own it. Say: “Right at this moment, I’m not quite sure, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out”, which brings me to..

No. 2, Keep your options open

Here’s the thing: men, when they haven’t decided if they want to be in a relationship with you yet, don’t get there by you focusing your undivided attention on him. In fact, that is too much for a man to process.

I want you to do what I did back in 2006. (Especially if you still don’t have what you want romantically). Cast aside that whole ‘put all my attention on him and let’s just hope it works out. Stop keeping your fingers crossed, praying some more and ask all your girlfriends about every move he makes.

Instead turn your attention to all of the other men.

All you really need is a handful, like I had, of great options in men. The universe is going to say to you: “Here my lady, what again is that you want with your love life?”

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VERSUS: when you put all your attention on him and he hasn’t decided yet that you’re the one, you’re going to short circuit his ability to love, adore and cherish you.

I teach something called Mantourage Dating™, which is essentially dating more than one man at a time until you find your forever man. All it is is a handful of men (bare minimum two to five); men that you are dating. Not necessarily sleeping with but that you are dating and exploring genuine romantic options with. Which brings me to…

No. 3, Use playful yet strategic communication with him

You can’t lie to me.

I know what happens when you really like a guy and if he pulls his attention away a little bit, next thing you know, you’re bombarding him with messaging or you go months and months without talking to him at all.

Both of those can work against you.

I am training you to be the Adored Woman you deserve to be. Which means I want you to use playful yet strategic communication with him.

One of the places where I teach this playful yet strategic form of communication which is very powerful and effective is in my Make Him Want You Again online class. This class is very effective for getting a guy’s attention again that’s not paying you the attention you want. Maybe he’s gone MIA on you or has told you things like: he’s not ready for a serious relationship, if you’ve had a recent breakup, etc.

Use playful yet strategic communication and do not over-communicate with him. Over communication with a man that’s not communicating with you at the same level is like smacking him in the face repeatedly and pushing him away as hard as you can.

I want to address something that I have heard other people talk about… (I will not name names)

The no contact rule.

The no contact rule can be effective but isn’t always and isn’t necessary for every situation. I know because I’ve been doing this long enough and have helped women around the world and used it in my own love life.

No contact isn’t necessarily the most effective way to get a man’s attention or make him want you so it’s something to consider and another good reason to check out

In conclusion today Lovergirl,

Yes, I confess, I’m a bonafide dork.

I say things incorrectly. I have had some of the funniest dates you’ve ever heard of. I even stutter when we’re talking about this because I’ve embarrassed myself pretty badly on dates in the past but I am who I am.

I have learned how to communicate with men, have fun with them; I don’t pretend, ever, to want something that I don’t want and I’ve always while I was dating kept my options open.

These are three very important secrets for you to use in your dating life. Something that will pay you in romantic dividends time and time again.

Remember, if you’ve been doing this dating thing and it’s not working out for you, it’s time to really assess how you have been doing it and start to tweak so your love life can be everything you want it to be.

Here’s to you having him your way.



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